Colleges in Rawalpindi - Top Universities in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is commonly known as Pindi and is adjacent city to the capital of country. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also known as twin cities due to their proximity and association with one another. It is the fourth largest city in Pakistan after Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Rawalpindi has attained the status of capital of its division and located on the famous Pothohar range. The location is closely associated with Buddhist heritage in ancient times and Taxila, which is one of the world heritage site is in its neighbor. Since the city was one of the major battle grounds and had attained the status of military center, it became home to Pakistan’s Army. Rawalpindi has been one of the most modernized education due to HEC Recognized Institutions in Rawalpindi and their active presence.

They provide higher education in various fields including modern, cultural, religious, social, psychological, commerce and scientific knowledge. Rawalpindi has been leading with other cities in producing highest number of fresh graduates in the fields of telecommunication, biotechnology, sciences, engineering, computing, medicine and management. Education was more or less state controlled in the early years of Pakistan, however, the trend started to change in late 1980s’ and currently, there are more private sector institutes in Rawalpindi as compared to public sector. This is the main reason of not only increasing the literacy rate of the country but Rawalpindi itself too. The current literacy rate of Pakistan hovers among 60% to 65% with Rawalpindi having literacy rate of 71% which is among the highest in Punjab.

Top Colleges in Rawalpindi include Fouji Foundation College, Sir Syed College, Chenab College, Army Public School and College, Army Public College of Management, Cadet College, Islamic International College, Askaria Colleges, Punjab College, Concordia College, Jinnah Islamia College, Superior College and Little Oxford College. For getting admission in these leading colleges, one has to pass the matric exams so that he/she is able to meet the requirements. These institutes have a moderate to high requirements as number of applications are being received for admission into these institutes. Students from all across the district and sometimes from far off areas come for the purpose of education, hence, number of students increase from the normal expected numbers.

There is a large number of private and public sector institutes in the country and some of these institutes are included in the world rankings too. One of the most widely accepted and highly ranked are QS Rankings of universities in which best 1000 universities of the world are declared. Regretfully, Pakistani universities are below than first 300 universities but some of the universities that are located in Punjab province are included in the rankings. Some of the institutes also have their operations being carried out in Rawalpindi. There are high chances that now there could be more private sector institutes in comparison to the public sector institutes. Top Ranking Universities in Rawalpindi include Fatima Jinnah Women University, Foundation University, Riphah International University, Military College of Signals, National College of Arts, Rawalpindi Medical College, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Virtual University and University of Arid Agriculture.

Selecting an institute is a challenging tasks for the students, therefore, they usually choose easy way of either giving that decision totally to their parents or going to an institute where friends usually go. But this is not as simple as one considers, getting education is not only the purpose of these esteemed institutes rather they play a bigger role of personality development. Four walls of institutions have larger objectives than the sole aim of educating the course books only. Personality development, self-grooming, communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership and many more of such nature are taught in schools, colleges and universities. However, only top colleges in Rawalpindi and top ranked universities in Sargodha can serve the bigger purpose as other institutes are already too much stuck in other operational tasks.

Admission into any such institute guarantees a well-established professional career. Students or youth at large are not having any guidance in this regard, therefore, they do research on their own and rely more on opinions rather than facts and databases. Thus, we bridge all such gaps and provide information related to all leading institutes in Rawalpindi. For further information, keep on visiting our website.