Colleges in Multan - Top Universities in Multan

Multan is one of the main centers in the province of Punjab. It is key part of the South Punjab region. Located on the bank of river Chenab and being the headquarters of its own division, Multan is the seventh largest city of Pakistan. It is not only rich in its geographical area but has an enormous cultural history. The history stretches back to ancient times when it was famous for Sun Temple which is now known as Multan Sun Temple. Alexander the Great ruled from the temple during Mallian Campaign. The city of Multan was one of the major trading centers in early period of Indian history. Multan is much known for being the city of saints as it become the focus of arrival of Sufis in India during the 11th and 12th centuries. City has great Sufi shrines in it, hence, the educational ecosystem has also been carried out from the same time.

Top Colleges in Multan include Army Public Degree College, Government College, Memona Postgraduate College, Nishat College, Punjab College, Superior College, Educators College, National College, Nishtar Medical College, Bristol College, Government College of Technology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Government Degree College, Muhammad Law College, Multan Law College, Noor Law College, National College and Government College of Science. They all further lead to higher education in various universities of the city and country. However, taking admission into college has a prerequisite of passing the matriculation exam. Once the matric exam is passed, students are able to get admission in various leading colleges of Multan. Nevertheless, admission in leading colleges is dependent on good performance at matric level.

Multan has a literacy rate of approximately close to 50% which isn’t self-sufficient for the region with importance of education growing with each coming day. Hence, the concerned authorities have taken the issue of higher education seriously with developing more private sector universities. Bahauddin Zakariya University, Institute of Southern Punjab, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University, NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nishtar Medical College, Preston University, University of Education, National College of Business Administration and Economics, The Women University, National University of Modern Languages, Air University, University College of Education, Al-Hamd Paramedical College, Britain University College, CMH Institute of Medical Sciences and Garrison Grammar School and College are top universities in Multan. Students struggle hard for getting an admission into these universities.

One of the largest number of graduates in the field of agriculture, business, law, medical, telecommunication, computer and engineering are produced by the educational institutes of Multan. All the institutes in city are HEC Recognized Institutions in Multan, therefore, students need to be confident while applying for admission into various institutes. Those institutes that are not having their own charter or degree awarding status are either having an affiliation with one of the top universities in Gujranwala or are sub-campuses of leading universities in Pakistan. A diverse range of schools and colleges is present in Multan for meeting the diverse needs of its residents. School education is the first formal education level in which Matric and Cambridge, two streams are followed.

Colleges and universities within Gujranwala develop their systems in a way that meets the need of both types of students. A levels and O levels students are coming from a highly competitive environment and universities have to cater those students with adjusting the public sector pass outs as well. Students from different parts of the country and region of South Punjab visit Multan for educational purposes. Most of the parts of country are in developing stage and lack investment, infrastructure and educational environment, therefore, the larger cities are ones that have higher education avenues for the students. Education is now a provincial and federal subject as guidelines are directed from Islamabad but the implementations and revisions are done at provincial level.

For getting an admission into top colleges in Multan and Top Universities in Multan, students need to look all the institutes so that a comparison can be drawn. HEC recognized institutions in Multan are all made available on our website. Students can view all the leading colleges and universities by viewing the institutes of Multan.