Colleges in DG Khan - Top Universities in DG Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan is a well-known city in the province of Punjab. It is the 19th largest city of Pakistan in terms of population. It is one of the major districts and divisions in province of Punjab, commonly known as DG Khan. The region has a cultural and historic foundation as the name was set after famous fighter Ghazi Khan Mirrani. DG Khan was a center of major settlement after independence as majority of Muslims migrated and settled here. Many Hindus and Sikhs were early residents of this area but migrated as Pakistan came into being. Likewise, the cultural history is backed by an educational ecosystem. The overall environment of education is thriving in the region. All Top Colleges in DG Khan are degree awarding institutes and known for their quality and standards.

The literacy rate of DG Khan is 48% and it is among one of the most progressive cities of Punjab in terms of school education. It has a population of close to 400,000 which shows a decent amount of education required for the region. Various institutes present in DG Khan offer education in the areas of religion, culture, society, psychology, commerce and science. DG Khan is one of the major education providers in the region of South Punjab as institutes of science, technology, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, telecommunication, biotechnology, management and law are existent within the area. In order to serve the needs of people, majority of institutes are present for facilitating the students in best possible manner.

Top colleges in DG Khan include Star Institute, Steps Institute, Government Degree College for Women, Government Degree College for Boys, KIPS College, Punjab Group of Colleges and Superior Group of Colleges. However, one has to go through a rigorous process of examination prior to getting an admission into any of the colleges. Getting good marks in matriculation is key because getting decent marks in this level ensures admission into top colleges in DG Khan. The educational system is broadly categorized in three levels including schools, colleges and universities. First ten classes are studied in school with each having an admission at the end of year with only successful candidates entering in the next class. Once ten classes are successfully passed one after the other only then students are able to get themselves enrolled into any of the colleges.

College education is continued for two years and education is acquired in selected programs from medical to engineering to statistics and to commerce. These two years also have a standard examination conducted by educational board at the end of academic year. Successful passing out of this level makes a student eligible for taking admission into university programs. Study in universities are known as higher education which starts from Bachelor and moves onto Master, M. Phil and PhD. There are large public and private sector institutes in DG Khan including Top Ranking Universities in DG Khan as well. Global rankings are declared by most of the international independent bodies, however, the HEC Recognized Institutes in DG Khan are not in world rankings so far but they are improving gradually.

Top universities in DG Khan include DG Khan Medical College, Sir Syed Institute of Information and Management, Virtual University, Ghazi University, University of Education, and Gulf College of Nursing. Various leading universities of Pakistan have their sub-campuses or affiliated campuses in the city as well. At the time of inception of Pakistan, there were only public sector institutes in the country as education was all in all state controlled. However, with the investment and improvement in overall educational environment, the private sector institutes took a rise since last 1990s’. Currently, private sector can outnumber public sector institutes in DG Khan.

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