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BSEK Karachi Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2020

Important Notice:
9th & 10th Class Examination 2020 has been cancelled due to the ongoing situation of the coronavirus in Pakistan. The exams will be rescheduled later with prior intimation to candidates. You are advised to keep visiting this page on daily basis for 9th, 10th Class [New] Date Sheet 2020.

BSEK Karachi Board Matric (9th, 10th Class) Date Sheet 2020 has been announced;

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Date Sheet 2020

Board of Secondary Education Karachi is also known as BSEK. BSEK is the parent organization for conducting and controlling Matriculation and Intermediate classes of Sindh province. The main purpose of their initiation is to schedule Matric and Intermediate exams, update the courseworks and exams procedure and distribute policies and procedures to all the institutes in the city. Also its their duty to upgrade the standards of education and examination procedures according to modern needs. And notifying those updated rules too all the affiliated institutes also comes under their duties. They design matric curriculum in accordance to the BISE Pakistan so that all the cities and provinces of the country work side by side on the same defined routes.

Matriculation is the first and foremost important step in the life of a student. It is the first step towards stepping out in professional world. The subjects and fields chosen in Matriculation remains with the students for throughout the life or for a longer period at least. Matriculation means SSC (Secondary School Certification). Generally here in Pakistan, Matriculation is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 is 9th class and Part 2 is 10th class. Each class is consists of one year. At the end of each year, annual board exams are taken by the BSEK from the students to check their knowledge and leaning for their respective fields.

BSEK Karachi 9th Class Date Sheet 2020

9th class is the first year of Matriculation. it comes with different options of subjects and groups. The 9th class is categorized into 2 groups. One is Science Group and other is Arts Group. The subjects for science students are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science. Whereas the subjects for Arts Group are General Science, Maths, Languages, Social Science etc. The science Group is further break down into 2 groups. The only difference in subjects of those groups is on the basis of Biology or Computer Science. They are the alternative subjects for both the groups. English Urdu Islamiyat are the compulsory subjects for both science and arts groups. After the selection of subjects and studying them throughout the year, there comes a milestone for the students and that is exams.

Examination is a decider for the students. It is the test of their knowledge, leaning, their hardwork throughout the year. It is the detailed information of a student's past one year in the form of their marks. 9th class exams for Science group are held into 2 parts. One is theoretical papers and other is practicals. Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science are the subjects that are both theory based and Practical too. The theoretical exams are held after the completion of 9th class but practicals are conducted after the final exams of 10th class for both the classes together. Arts Group has no such practicals. Once the exams are done, there comes the most awaited time of the year and this the result. Result means the marks of the students. Result is the fruit of every student's hardwork, intelligence. It is a true depiction of a student's learning, intelligence, interests. It is a complete analysis of the Student's past one year and it shows the true picture of a student's strengths and weaknesses. Results are as important for the parents too. It brings a lot of excitement enthusiasm and anxiety for both parents and students. Moreover, 9th class is the stage when students get their first chance of scoring good marks. If in case they are failed to do so, they get the final chance in 10th exams. The marks of 9th and 10th grades are accumulated to get a sum total of a student's Matriculation marks. The total of matriculation marks are dependant on the marks obtained in 9th grade and 10th grade. And students need to get passing marks in both classes to get promoted in next level. Bise Karachi BSEK 9th class date sheet is scheduled every year in February as the exams are held in march end or April start. The date sheet is announced by the board officials minimum one month before the exams for the ease of the students. Along with the announcement of date sheets, roll number slips are also issued to all the students appearing for exams. These roll number slips mention the name of the student, their board roll number, their exam centre, their subject wise dates of exams and timing of the exams too. The roll number slips also carry all the necessary rules regarding giving the exams for the students to avoid any mismanagement or ambiguity.

Karachi Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2020

BSEK Karachi 9th Class Date Sheet 2020 is not announced by the board officials still. It is expected to be announced soon. We will upload it here on our website as soon as it is notified officially. To get all the largest updates regarding date sheets, please keep in touch with us.

BSEK Karachi Board 9th Class Date Sheet

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