What happens after CSS written exam?

If you’re a CSS aspirant and passed the written exam, then you’re ready to take other tests which are aforementioned by the authorities of CSS. After passing the written exam, the candidates are called for a medical test, psychological test followed by viva voce. Each of the exams has been explained in detail.

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Medical Test

After passing the written exam, the candidates are shortlisted and called for a medical test. The main purpose of this medical test is to assure that the shortlisted candidate is physically fit having no serious disease which could be an obstacle in performing the services. The test is taken by the medical board appointed by FPSC. This test is mandatory to pass and the failed candidates would not be appointed on the vacant situations.

Disabled people has special privilege in this test and the disabled people having different disabilities (Hearing or speech impaired, deaf and dumb, visually impaired and physically impaired) will have to produce certificates of their disabilities issued by the recognized authorities.

Psychological Test

Once the candidates are shortlisted, they’re required to take psychological test and viva voce. Combining both the tests, they carry 300 marks. Psychological test is taken with an aim to evaluate a candidate’s mental and intellectual capabilities and learn that the candidate is competent enough to perform his duties.

The psychological test includes both written task and group activities and candidates are directed to write their views on a given picture or a scenario. Candidates are advised to write their views because each and every line will be estimated by trained psychologists. The aspirants are also required to work in a group on a certain task so that their group works capabilities

Candidates not appearing in the psychological test are not entertained in the viva voce as well.

Viva Voce

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Viva voce is an interview to assess the moral abilities, intelligence, leadership qualities and other competencies of an aspirant and it carries 300 marks. A board of member takes viva voce of an aspirant who has all the record of curricular and co-curricular activities of a student on their table. A candidate must have good communication skills and knowledge of fields of his co-curricular activities. The knowledge about Islam (Non-Muslims have exemption) and Pakistan is mandatory for the interviewee at the time of viva voce. A candidate is required to obtain at least 100 marks to pass the viva voce otherwise he/she would be disqualifies. 

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