Wanna succeed in CSS exam? Here is your track!

CSS exam is the hardest and toughest exam in the history of Pakistan because you’re not just required to pass it but to compete with thousands of aspirants to prove yourself the best. Undoubtedly it is the toughest exam but where there is a will, there is a way. Nothing is impossible and if others can pass it with distinction then you also ca.

With that being said, here are the tricks and tactics which can lead to success in this prestigious exam.

Think Positive

Positivity in any task is vital because positivity leads you ultimate success. If you keep on telling yourself that it is the hardest exam and I won’t be able to succeed, you actually would not succeed. There is dire need of eradicating the attitude of fearing and taking it on your nerves. Just believe in yourself and think positive about the exam.

This positivity will allow you to work harder and be determined. Just tell yourself that you’re working hard to succeed, not to fail.

Proper Planning

Not planning properly in CSS preparation is like you’re in Sahara desert without any direction. You would have seen ships sailing through deep oceans and reaching their destinations safe and sound. It is because of proper direction and planning of the captain that everyone reaches at their aimed destination.  CSS needs not only a timetable to be developed but also follower of it. You’ve developed a timetable? Congratulations! The next step is to follow it strictly. Read your course thoroughly, prepare past papers and follow course outline to better understand the exam.

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An aspirant is required to save as much time and energy as he can while preparing for the exam. Align yourself and keep the record and material of your upcoming exam up to date. Do not trap yourself in time consuming activities.

Study Behavior

Time management is of enormous and gigantic importance in CSS exam preparation. Study behavior, environment and surrounding usually become the cause of distraction for the candidates. Try to be more determined and innovative in your study behaviors. Studying for an hour and then taking a break of half an hour would get you nothing. You are not supposed to waste this much time as it is not affordable for a CSS candidate. Group study is preferred by some of the aspirants but it is sometimes time wasting instead of being productive and more helpful.

Avoid Distractions

Studying with your phone or television will distract you and you’ll ultimately lose a lot of time. Keeping your mind busy in multiple things at one time will make you less productive and you won’t be able to focus. Turn off your cell phone, laptop and television and read your topics with concentration to save your time.

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Sleeping and Exercise

You must have heard that a sound body has a sound mind. You body and brain needs a good sleep and exercise to be sharper and properly functioning. If your mind and body are at peace, they’ll make you more productive in your preparation. You’ll be able to focus more firmly and avoid any slow functioning of brain.

Study Material and Revision

Study material is of huge importance because this competitive exam requires sound preparation. Try to understand the topic by using dictionaries, internet and other sources to get the best out of a topic. Organize your thoughts and keep your goal in your mind that you have to succeed.

Revision of the read topics is also pretty necessary because you forget most of the part of the read topic after a day or two. To save it in your long term memory, keep revising the read topics so that you could prepare well.  

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