Tips to prepare for CSS English Essay Exams

The Central Superior Services aspirants are increasing in number every year but with the increase in enrollments the percentage of results are decreasing. The government job and the secure career is the fantasy of many these days so why are students failing in CSS exams large majority? If we analyze the results we get to see majority of people are failing in English Essay examination. The irony is that no matter if you top in other subjects if you fail one subject then you have failed in all. To students have to reappear in the examination to secure their dream unfortunately there are only 3 allowed trials for the examination.

Mostly students, who possess good hold over English language, do not focus on preparing for this examination. As the matter of fact the examination criteria for CSS is not as simple as you might be taking it. Students give all their time to difficult and lengthy subjects such as International Relations, Current Affairs etc. if it must for students to understand that all the subjects are equally important and they have to divide their time accordingly.   

The students must focus on the following points:

  1. Prepare:

You cannot pass an examination with only a vague supposition or over confidence over your language skills. You need to understand how important it is to prepare for English Essay examination.When you start preparing for it you will get to know you weak points to cover and over come. You can use Newspapers, magazines, talk shows, documentaries and academic based films for your preparation.

When you have decided to appear for CSS examination start by making a schedule and do not miss any subject in misconception that you would any way be able to pass it. The time you have allotted for the preparation of English Essay can further be divided in writing practice and research for the topics as you require accurate and latest topics.

It is very important to create your own notes by researching on the current important topics, do not read by heart from other essay books but only take important notes from it. The text books, newspapers, magazine and authentic websites can prove as good research sources to create notes.

  1. Practice:

The examination paper will provide you 10 options to write an essay on. These topics are diverse in nature you can take help from the past papers but new topics are added in the question paper every year. You must practice in accordance with the structure suggested to you on PFSC website. Only practice makes perfect, so practice to write one essay every day. Here we are not suggesting you cram the words written in an essay book but to practice writing with technical treatment to fall on the standards of the examination. You must practice to write in an accurate structure. You must learn to formulate impactful outline, understand the question to create a thesis statement, introduction, body and conclusion.

  1. Evaluate:

This is the final yet most important step in your preparation of CSS examination of English Essay. At the evaluation stage you must rate or mark your own paper by reading it at least two times. Now rate your essay on following points

The vocabulary: Read your paper carefully and notice the words that you have used, it is best to use the latest words used in newspapers and magazines as they leave a better impact on the reader. Highlight the words that can be replaced with better ones.

The flow on information: the exam of essay is not all writing lengths of information but to present it in a coherent flow. You must note down if your essay is going in a smooth and logical slow. You must check how you have connected one paragraph with the others.

Sentence Structure: the most difficult and problematic part is to keep up with proper grammar. You must be aware of tenses, direct , indirect, active voice, passive voice etc

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