Tips for Building Self Confidence

Self Confidence is not how people picture us or perceive us as but it is more about what we think about our self and how we picture ours self inside our mind. The mental image of oneself depicts how we behave outside and how we respond to the situations we meet. To build confidence a person not only has to work on development of skills but to change the way of looking and perceiving own self. Today we will share the tips which will help you to evaluate yourself better and change both internal and external behavior.

  1. Change your lenses

To start building confidence the first and utmost important thing is to change the way you look at yourself. The outside world seems cruel to us when we experience body shaming and bulling but as the matter of fact our inner world is crueler than outside. The perception we have built about our self shapes over all behavior. According to the researches people with low self esteem and confidence have a weak image about themselves which is the biggest hurdle in the way of personality development.

You must start to picture yourself better and stronger. Do not attribute weakness in the image you have about yourself. Here by picturing we are asking you to believe in your qualities and tell yourself that you can. The concept is very simple you become what you think you are. If you believe you look good you will look good outside too. When you think I can do this you actually get to perform better. So start talking to yourself better and make a stronger and better image about yourself in your mind.

  1. Put yourself First

Our society has build some concepts which are damaging the lives of people at large such is the concept that peoplewho take care of themselves and spend time and energyfor building better lives just for themselves are selfish. This concept is vague, wrong, faulty and destructive leading to compromising over progress and development which in result provides no good to anyone at all. Here we ask you to take care of yourself even if you have to become selfish. The society and people around cannot be benefited from you if you are unhealthy, sad, underdevelopment and an unhappy person. To help others you must be capable of it first, only healthy and happy people can spread joy and positivity. So start putting you first this will develop great confidence in yourself.

  1. Track Your Goals

“Where there is will there is way”, it is a beautiful saying that sum up everything in one line. In the tips above we have asked you to develop will by knowing you can and by putting your goals above everything else. Every successful person has taken a small start at one point of time and you must take a start too. Do not tell yourself that it is too early or too late now to do this because it is never too late or too early. To track your dreams start developing small targets for the day to achieve and set up a schedule for at least one week. For instance if you want to become a journalist watch one new and act as a reporter reporting the scene by doing it you will have sense achievement leading you to feel more and more confident every day.

  1. Flip  the Coin

There is always two sides of the coin but there are many sides of the situation you are countering right now the situation can be emotional, educational, financial or psychological flipping the side can help you evaluate the issue better. We mostly say I can’t handle it at all change it to maybe I can handle it better the other. We say I cannot do it, change it to let’s at least try to do it. Do not be scared of the outcomes before getting to do anything rather ask yourself what at maximum can happen if I do it. if you take this approach either you willbe able to resolve issues or at least you will know that you tried to do it. When you start dealing things with alternative approach it helps to boost your confidence and develop better mindset in conflict resolution.

  1. Accept Yourself

Finally and most importantly accept what you are and they way you are. all of us are born with different looks and we get to have different skillsets. It is good to idealize people in your life but it is worst to compare yourself with them. You cannot be exactly like anyone at all you are beautiful in your own unique manner. Acceptance helps you adopt productive and positive approach in life. You might not be tall but you have great speaking skills. You might not have confidence to speak in public but you are an exceptional writer. You may not be able to write a poem but you are brilliant at mathematics. Tell yourself it is okay not to be perfect and respect the way you are. By acknowledging your skills and accepting your limitations you can work to develop the skills you lack in positive way rather than mourning about it. Acceptance helps you show yourself in more confident and better manner.

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