Stress Management while Preparing for CSS Exam

CSS Exam is one of the toughest or probably THE TOUGHEST competitive exam of Pakistan and it brings a lot of stress as well. The stress of preparation, time management, competition, writing skills and many other forms of stress are also included in it. But have you ever wondered that stress can be positive as well? It is because it motivates you to work harder and work for the goal which is cause of your stress.

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CSS exam is the exam of nerves and it requires stability of mind to concentrate more and more. The preparation of CSS exam is a hectic time where an aspirant has to follow a strict study schedule in order to succeed. Despite this, more than 95% people fail in the CSS exam. Most of them even do not appear for the exam or fail the written test or interview.

There can be numerous stress causing elements which might be misbalance between study time and family time. Not having enough time to entertain himself is also one root cause of frustration for an aspirant because studying a lot can exhaust a person. These problems can be eradicated with time management and eliminating unnecessary time consuming activities.

There can be another form of stress which is expecting to be a perfectionist. This element is quite stressing where an aspirant always thinks just to be successful in exam and fulfill the expectations and desires of family and relatives. Try to be positive and prepare for the exam with patience and steady speed instead of taking it on your nerves.

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Uncomfortable environment can also be a cause of stress for the candidates preparing for CSS exam. It includes intense weather, noise or other factors like this. An aspirant needs a lot of concentration and study space and these elements are quite enough to give a bundle of stress to the aspirant.

Family background can also be a stress causing element because aspirants belonging to poor family think of CSS to be the remedy of their financial suffering and failing in CSS exam would leave him and his family in the middle of the sea. Try to think positive because CSS is not the only option you have. If you have reached this far that you’re eligible to take CSS exam, you can do anything in life with courage and patience.

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Avoiding smoking, taking good sleep, going out for a morning walk and managing your preparation within available sources are the ultimate supports for your preparation.


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