Prepare for CSS Exam at Home

The first thing which comes to a CSS aspirant’s mind is how he/she can prepare for CSS Exam sitting at home. CSS academies are not affordable for every middle-class person as they’re charging too much. The choice with which an aspirant has is to get ready for the exam on his/her own.

Self-study is a vital part of CSS exam preparation but guidelines are quite essential for this home-based-preparation.

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Evaluate Yourself

CSS requires a certain intellectual level and background knowledge. If you’re quite ambitious and want to take CSS exam in future, just wait for the right time. You don’t need to start your preparation in your 12th standard as you must be at least graduate for the CSS exam. Don’t be over ambitious and start your preparation at the right time.

Get the Basic Information about the CSS Exam

Read the basic information like the dates, syllabus, eligibility criteria, subject choice and ineligibility factors of the CSS Exam before starting your preparation. A strong background information will help you a lot in understanding and preparing yourself for the exam. The major part of the exam is the written test which has a well-defined syllabus. Knowing this syllabus will enable you to use your abilities in a right direction.

Get the Right Books

CSS Exam can be cleared sitting and reading at home because not everyone needs extra coaching. If you already have evaluated yourself and you’re sure that you can do it on your own, congratulations, you’ve taken a good start. Get the right books advice from the right people because the wrong choice of books will not let you go in a right direction. Read the books at least twice without leaving any aspect of them.

Right Magazines and Newspapers

Strong English Language, current affairs and general awareness are very important in CSS exam and all this you can get out of right magazines and newspapers. Read a good English newspaper and current affair magazine daily. This preparation requires one important thing, “read a lot”.

Set your timetable and manage your time

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If you’re preparing for the exam without any supervisor, there are strong chances that you’ll get lazy and lose your track. It is suggested that you should make a plan of at least 8-12 months before attempting for the first time. Make a schedule and manage your time accordingly.

Test Your Abilities and Preparation

Practice makes a man perfect so does testing your abilities again and again. Your preparation can never be effective until you test yourself on regular bases. Mock tests are quite helpful in this regard. Follow the pattern of the papers which you’re about to take. It will enable you to find your weaker points and work on them.

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