Preparation of CSS 2020

The CSS examination is the dream desire of mostly every student of Pakistan now. The competition in this competitive examination has increased to a great extent in the last decade.  Thousands of fresh graduates and masters students appear in the examination every year. However, only a few hundred students manage to pass the examination for Central Superior Services.

Numerous new academies have opened for the CSS preparation. The courses being offered are long expensive and time-consuming whereas these also prove to benefit the students. Now you can start the preparation of CSS examination at home by the help of expert guidelines and lectures available online.

Here we are providing you with extensive guidelines for CSS examination from the famous columnist and bureaucrat Mr. Yasir Pirzada. In the serious of the lectures with career karwan, Mr. Pirzada has enlisted the simple and doable practices for preparing the CSS examination. However, the guidelines are also important for all other examinations for government jobs.

So starts your preparation for CSS examination of 2020 now with the help of easy and simple guidelines by Mr. Yasir Pirzada. Watch the complete videos for the detailed guidelines for the CSS examination.


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