CSS is one of the most competitive examination in the country. Aspirants from all over the country appear for it. Each and every administrative division of the country has its due quota with special seats for minorities and people from AJK. CSS stands for Central Superior Service Exam, it is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) and successful pass outs are recruited to posts at the level of Grade 17 (BS-17). All the positions on which recruitment is done are treated as public servants, therefore, they are government officers having jobs sponsored by federal government. Recruitments are done to fill vacancies across 12 different departments. Starting with its preparation can be tough but following manners can be adopted for getting oneself ready for the mighty exam.

Taking a look at the syllabus

Let us first look at the syllabi of CSS, one has to complete a minimum of 10 subjects, this situation complicates the preparation. But one needs to be of the view that syllabus is not lengthy but yes it is extensive. The spread of syllabi and related topics need to be covered well in time and more importantly, understanding the conceptual framework is important rather than cramming and sticking to a specific idea.

Selection of optional subjects

Selecting optional subjects is a critical task at hand. The compulsory subjects are same for all the aspirants, but optional subjects are where students can make a wrong choice. Selection shall not be done merely on the scoring trend and its convenience to others rather the interest of oneself and ability to link it with other subjects shall be considered.

Time allocation / Timetable

Time needed or allocated for the study is equally important too and is much debated. However, it is dependent on the ability of any aspirant as firstly, everyone shall establish their targets and then in order to meet those targets, one has to allocate his/her time. If the planned task is completed within 4 hours, one is good to go by passing rest of the day in other things, whereas, if one task requires 12 hours of study, then that has to be done.

Extensive Reading

Furthermore, one needs to develop a habit of reading, CSS is all about extensive knowledge being presented with own analysis of it. If the knowledge has not been grasped, then it becomes extremely difficult to comprehend those ideas onto the paper. Newspaper readings are also important as they are capable of increasing vocabulary and keeping the aspirants well-informed of the current topics.

Improvisation in writing

Lastly, focusing on writing skills is very important. The knowledge can be increased, analysis can be improved and preparation can be well on time but paper is conducted in written form, therefore, one needs to present all his/her ideas in black and white. Thus, writing is critical to one’s success in CSS and especially, in the papers of English Essay and English Precis and Composition. If the basic English structure is good, one is decent enough to secure good marks based on their writing. This is where reading also helps as what one reads is tend to write in a similar manner.

The guidelines can go on and on as many things need to be on the right track for ensuring success but all aspirants need to believe on one thing that it is not difficult, although, it is competitive. There are certain boxed that shall be ticked, which will follow in other articles at our website. We advise all the aspirants of 2021 to start their preparations right now as this is the time when owing to COVID – 19, everyone has an ample time. Even those aspirants that are employed somewhere and are interested to pursue CSS journey can plan their timetable accordingly.

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