Famous Pakistanis you didn’t know were CSS officers

Central Superior Services are elite services providing permanent jobs to the aspirants who pass all the stages of CSS exam with distinctions. Passing this exam and becoming a CSS officer is the dream of almost every ambitious CSS aspirant but there are a few people who quit this job just because of their passion and other priorities.

With that being said, here are the famous Pakistanis who chose other careers over CSS.

Moeed Pirzada

Moeed Pirzada is a journalist, anchorperson and columnists who has a huge fan following and viewership. He was selected as a CSS officer after passing the exam with distinction back in 1989. He was also awarded by the federal government in 1998 for his excellent services.

Aitzaz Ahsan

Aitzaz Ahasn is a politician, senior lawyer, human rights activist and a writer. He studied at Atchison College and Government College Lahore before going Cambridge University, UK for higher studies. On his return, he attempted CSS exam and stood first in it but he refused to work for the government under the rule of President Ayub Khan.  

Raza Rumi

Raza Rumi is a journalist who has two degrees from London School of Economics.  Raza Rumi worked as an officer of the administrative services. Mr. Rumi was Assistant Commissioner, sub divisional magistrate of Murree after passing CSS exam in 1994.

Shafqat Mahmood

Shafqat Mahmood is a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. He is also a columnist and retired civil servant as he resigned from his job back in 1990. He served for seventeen years as a civil servant from 1973 to 1990.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a famous model, actor and a media personality. He completed his bachelors in International Relations (IR) from abroad and his master’s degree from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad. Later on, he passed CSS exam and secured a post in the police force but soon quit this field and joined showbiz industry.

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