CSS Right Subject Selection Guideline, 2018

The subject selection in CSS exam is quite crucial and tricky. It is commonly believed that you should choose the subjects which are considered to be marks-givers and these subjects are commonly believed to be Punjabi and other subjects like this.

Mr Yasir Pirzada, a bureaucrat and an award holder for being the youngest candidate who passed the CSS exam does not agree with this misconception of subject choice. According to him, a candidate much opt the subjects which suit his taste the best.

The role of previous knowledge is quite important in CSS exam and it is vital for an aspirant to choose the subjects of his own interest and of previous knowledge. If you have a science background, choose the subjects where your interest lies instead of choosing wrong subjects which bring disinterest in your studies and preparation. An aspirant should avoid choosing subjects in haphazard way because regretting on your own choices is not an option in the CSS exam.


English Essay 100 Marks

English (Precis and Composition) 100 Marks

General Science & Ability 100 Marks

Current Affairs 100 Marks

Pakistan Affairs 100 Marks

Islamic Studies 100 Marks

OR Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100 Marks

II. Optional Subjects (600 Marks)

Group 1 (One subject of 200 marks can be opted)

Accountancy & Auditing 200 Marks

Economics 200 Marks

Computer Science 200 Marks

Political Science 200 Marks

International Relations 200 Marks

Group 2 (One subject of 200 marks or two subjects of 100 marks each can be opted)

Physics 200 Marks

Chemistry 200 Marks

Applied Mathematics 100 Marks

Pure Mathematics 100 Marks

Statistics 100 Marks

Geology 100 Marks

Group 3 (One subject of 100 marks can be opted)

Business Administration 100 Marks

Public Administration 100 Marks

Governance & Public Policies 100 Marks

Town Planning & Urban-Management 100 Marks

Group 4 (One subject of 100 marks can be opted)

History of Pakistan & India 100 Marks

Islamic History & Culture 100 Marks

British History 100 Marks

European History 100 Marks

History of USA 100 Marks

Group 5 (One subject of 100 marks can be opted)

Gender Studies 100 Marks

Environmental Sciences 100 Marks

Agriculture & Forestry 100 Marks

Botany 100 Marks

Zoology 100 Marks

English Literature 100 Marks

Urdu Literature 100 Marks

Group 6 (One subject of 100 marks can be opted)

Law 100 Marks

Constitutional Law 100 Marks

International Law 100 Marks

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Marks

Mercantile Law 100 Marks

Criminology 100 Marks

Philosophy 100 Marks

Group 7 (One subject of 100 marks can be opted)

Journalism & Mass Communication 100 Marks

Psychology 100 Marks

Geography 100 Marks

Sociology 100 Marks

Anthropology 100 Marks

Punjabi 100 Marks

Sindhi 100 Marks

Pushto 100 Marks

Balochi 100 Marks

Persian 100 Marks

Arabic 100 Marks

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