CSS Examination is Around the Corner

Every year thousands of the students appear for examination in all the provinces of Pakistan. The Central Superior Services is the new trend amongst the youngsters and almost every 1 in 10 students want to take CSS examination because of its charm of the government job. The people who pass this competitive examination are directed hired on 17th grade. Therefore, it has become the dream profession for every other student.

The competitive examinations in the last 3 years have seemed to have given a very tough time to the students as the number of failed students have been increasing every year. The possible reasons for the increase in the number of failures can be the tough competition students have to face against each other. The criteria of exams have also evolved over the years. Previously the students failed in one examination had to only appear in that particular examination, however, now the students have to give all exams again in order to be able to step on the next level of the test.

Federal Public Service Commission takes CSS test for the jobs of 17th grade. The test is further divided into 4 parts.

1.       Written test

2.       Medical Test

3.       Psychological Test

4.       Viva Voce

The first part that is the written test is the toughest part of the examination. The students have to put great efforts in order to appear in CSS examination. There are in total 12 examinations for student, 6 compulsory subjects and 6 elective subjects.

Difficulties Students face in CSS

1.       The Changing Curriculum:

It is a commonly believed myth that if a person has appeared in CSS examination once, it becomes very easy to give a second attempt as the student has already learned everything. As the matter of fact, FPSC makes necessary modifications in the curriculum every year. Moreover, the subjects such as current affairs change completely and students have to give equal time for the preparation of the examination. However, after one attempt a student is better able to understand the pattern of examination.

2.       The Inclusion of Mathematics

Previously Mathematics was not a compulsory part of CSS examination. Last year FPSC has added a portion of mathematics in the general ability testing of examination. Thousands of students could not pass examination due to fewer marks in maths. It has become the new challenge for the students to prepare for mathematics to pass CSS examination

3.       The Extreme Weather Conditions

The CSS examination is due to be held in February. Commonly the examination starts on 15th of the month of February. The weather in the month of examination and previous months is mostly extremely cold it is very difficult for the students to concentrate on the studies. So the students face great difficulty to prepare. In addition, it is also difficult to write in extremely cold weather as well.

4.       The Examination Centers

The Examination Centers are the far areas and it becomes difficult for the students to reach at the examination hall every day on time. Sometimes the center is changed for compulsory and elective subjects. However, it is also difficult to locate some centers in the far-flung areas.

As whole the CSS examination test all the abilities of a person they want o hire for a government job as there is a long process they have to go through to get their desired job. The abilities also include the tolerance and patience of people.

As for now the examination of CSS are around the corner and we wish all the students very best of luck for the examination. 

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