A Key to Success in the CSS exam!

CSS is highly prestigious and competitive exam leaving thousands behind in the list of unsuccessful candidates because it requires such a high amount of intellect, knowledge and competence. However, nothing is impossible and the ones who pass this exam follow a certain track to the glorious success. Anyone, having required aptitude can pass this exam if he/she follows the strict study schedule and handle the pressure, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Here are some key elements which you need to understand deeply way before you begin your preparation.

Requirements of CSS

The first and very essential element of passing the CSS exam is excellent written English. If you’re good at writing in English, only then you can think of preparing for CSS exam. Not only correct grammar and vocabulary, you are required to be good in your writing style and expression. Another thing which CSS exam requires is devoted and committed study without leaving anything untouched. The element of current affairs is of vital importance which requires a lot of newspaper reading and watching news channels. You approach should be to-the-point and brief and this approach could be polished by the right guidance and correct study material. Last but not the least; CSS exam requires a lot of hard work, patience and endurance because this exam is extremely competitive exam.

Choice of Optional Subjects

Forget about compulsory subjects because you cannot decide anything about them. They are compulsory and you’ll have to take those subjects as they have been decided by the authorities. It is obvious that you have to score extremely well in those subjects because you have no loose margin in already selected subjects. The key element is the choice of optional subjects and choosing them correctly. Keep in mind that your interest in the optional subjects and background knowledge are of great importance. After choosing the subjects, you need to analyze and study the last few years’ papers of the selected subjects. The next step would be writing style and expression in that particular subject because every subject requires a certain kind of tone and writing style. Make sure that the study material for the selected subjects is available with ease and in abundance and for this purpose; you should look for the guidance of the experts. Scoring trend is a myth but if you think that without having much interest in a particular subject you can score well, do choose the subject.


The understanding of question trends is quite important and for this, analyzing the previous question papers of CSS exam can be pretty helpful. Do understand the syllabus and try to find out your weaker areas which will need more hard work and time. First of all, read the basic study material and try to make a concept of the basic elements of a particular subject as well of the whole set of subjects. Do not think typically, get out of the well and try to explore additional material and ways of preparation for the exam. For this goal, you can analyze your study material and make your own notes for better preparation. Do write the things down to align your thoughts and ideas and do a lot of practice in order to become more polished candidate for the CSS exam. 

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