7 Workouts for Your Brain

Daily exercises are advised to all of us.  A small walk, jogging, running or pushups keeps your bodily health on a positive track. The daily exercise also helps us to stay energetic throughout the day. So what is the purpose that you do your exercises for ? For the better health, for staying away from diseases and may be for the fitness of your body. Why do we leave our brain behind while exercising?  Our brains need to work out too for better health, stay away from psychological diseases and for the fitness of your brain. The workout for the brain is actually very entertaining. Here are 7 workouts for your brain.

  1. Do you remember?

Make a list of daily tasks, a grocery list or the names of your favorite sportsmen. Make any list read it carefully 5 to 6 times. Involve yourself in other work after one hour recall the list in your brain. Take a pen and a paper; now write the items you had enlisted earlier. Notice how many things you remember correctly. Make more complex list next day for example names of countries in south Asia etc. try to play it as a game. Compete with your friend or a sibling.

  1. Sing Along

Do you notice how easily you can memorize the lyrics of a song? There are thousands of songs that you remember word by word. Our mind response more quickly when there is a rhythm. The new rhythms are sounds of instruments create more brain cells. Learn to play a simple instrument. Every trial you make to learn new pattern with your fingers and mouth you create better sense of learning. So what instrument do you like? You don’t need to join a class

for learning instrument. Search it online and learn at home.

  1. Sum it up

Most of the students do not like mathematics. Maths is a very interesting subject, let’s not study maths but play with it. Loose any pen, paper or calculator, now try to calculate figures in your mind. Start with a simple sum 10+10, the answer is easy its 20 now start adding difficult numbers and equations. Keep doing it until you can do it in your head. If you keep practicing it your calculation will become better but it also helps your brain to become better at problem solving. So stop studying maths for a while in a day and play with it.

  1. Cook your meal

Have you ever tried to cook your complete meal? You will notice that most of your senses are involved in the process of cooking. Sense of touch, hear, smell and taste. Indulging all the senses in an activity is an exercise for your complete senses. Cooking and other creative activities help you get to learn and grasp new things quickly. Being creative also helps to create innovative mindset.

  1. Is it French?

When we cannot understand something we commonly say are you speaking French? Why French, because new languages sound funny in our head but it also refreshes us. Learning new language is a very effective workout for your brain. Your brain gets tired with same words and same sounds. Learning new language gives something new to process on. Now a day’s Pakistan and china has opened multiple new ventures. Learning Chinese can help you get better opportunities in future and it will also give your brain a good boost.

  1. Mind Maps

Where ever we go these days we completely rely on the internet navigating maps. Google maps is the most famous navigation maps amongst the others. What if the internet stops working while you are in your way to somewhere? Use your mind maps, it needs no internet. Some people find it very difficult to remember ways and routes. Train your mind every day for better memory. If you go to a new place observe it. When you come back home close eyes and make a map of the building or anyplace you have been to. The smaller maps help to build a mental capability of remembering ways. It is a very beneficial exercise.

  1. Let’s Play

Playing games is not only a physical exercise but it is also a mental exercise. Learn new games. The unique body movements you make while you are playing a game make your brain muscles healthy. So play new ways and new games every day it brightens your mood and makes your brain function better.


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