4 Tips for Improved Hand Writing

Hand writing plays an important role in highlighting your knowledge. When you start your schooling the first thing you start to learn is how to write. We are recommended to write on a wooden board with a wooden pen for developing better skill of writing. The technique has proved productive for many students. Your style of writing develops in the initial years of your education but nevertheless it cannot be improved. You can always improve your handwriting with daily practice and by following some simple tips. Do not try to change your writing a day before your examination it will not work plus it will waste your time. Improving the hand writing is time consuming thus you must start few months before you have to take an exam.

  1. Relax your grip

Your hand movement plays a crucial role in drawing the words. The tighter grip and stronger hold on the pen makes your hand tired very soon. Your hand starts getting tired and you loosen the grip of your writing the words become shapeless ors slant. The technique is to keep your wrist easy. Practice to write with relaxed grip. Do not put a lot of stress on the paper, your sheet becomes untidy with pressure marks so keep the sheet clean. This technique also helps to relax the muscles of your hand. The more relax your wrist is the easy it will become for you to write better and for longer time.

  1. The Daily Drill

You have to be very consistent in your practice. You can practice on a plain or narrow lined paper but it is best to start with drill sheets. The practice sheets for better hand writing are available at mostly book shops; you can also print a grill sheet taken from google. The drill helps you to remember the basic formation of the words that you have forgotten to properly form because of writing in hurry. After practicing the drill for a while now step on the line sheets. Practice writing for as long as you can in a straight row. In the drill practice the last step in to write on a plain paper. It is difficult to write beautifully on a plain paper but the previous drills on practice sheet and line paper will help you to take a good start. Keep practicing every day for a little while.

  1. Alternate Angles

Find what is your best angle? As a child we are asked to write on a paper by keeping in an upfront position. Your hand position might not suit with the straight paper.So start rotating the paper. There will be one angle in which you can write easily and in a better shape. Start with the straight paper to see if you are easy to write on it keep moving it right and left and you will get your comfortable place.

  1. Enjoy your own style

Some people write big straight words others might right in small curved words. Your cleanliness of the writing can be improved you can also learn to write neat and fast but it is very difficult to change the whole style of writing. Embrace the innate natural style. If you write straight keep writing straight it looks very professional and clear in the exam papers. Whereas the curved writing takes more effort to be written neat and clean but the curve writing looks very beautiful and attractive. So which ever style of writing you have learn to rock it rather than being confused in two different sets of writing.


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