What to do after intermediate?

Recently, I got a great opportunity to attend the seminar “Career Options After Intermediate”. Event was organized by campus.pk and Ilmkidunya.com at Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. As we all know researches have demonstrated with pretender, charlatan and experimentally that counseling is efficacious to awake sluggish dormant of any nation. There were four guest speakers and one of them was a chief guest in that momentous event. Dr Ali Arshad (MBSS, F.C.P.S pediatric, Medicine Condultant C.H.P.E, Medical Educationist.) Jibran Bashir (Business Consultant, Leadership Coach and Coporate Trainer) Chief Guest the great Qasim Ali Shah and Dr Ali Sajid (Chairman Lahore School of Management )
The Eventful day started with the suggestions of Dr Ali Arshad. He contrasted the growth of our wisdom by directed us that MBBS and Engineering are not only the respected professions. He enlightened us about the different fields of medicine and their importance in our lives. Despite all these professional schooling, he also said that "If you want to be a successful person you have to avow this reality that you need to be avuncular towards everyone that are present in your surrounding." I must say that the way he spoke so assuredly makes me his big fan.
The Second speaker Jibran Bashir is affluent with wisdom ,sagacity and knowledge. He acquainted us with different fields. Firstly, he asked us what do we know about the word scope?. I raised my hand and then responded him. I replied that according to majority of people" The Word SCOPE is used for the great possibility of success in the fields which are very in now a days." Alhumdulilah Then This Great speaker ameliorated me that the word scope doesn't exist. This is simply an imaginative word. He trained our mind that we have to choose profession very wisely. He Amended us that we have to choose any field, after psychometric test. As psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and techniques of psychological measurements. In that notable day, Jibran Bashir guided us about the most three future demanding degree programs.
  1. BS Artifical Intelligence.
  2. BS Textile Management and Marketing
  3. BS Entrepreneurial Management
As the Artifical Intelligence, the ability of a digital computer or computer controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. As every organization needs our different. To succeed, you need innovative insight, business perspective, appropriate consideration of relevant regulatory framework to drive growth. When we will opt any field we will realize that "Technology is at the centre if business change." Second Degree is about the importance of textile and marketing. He briefied about the third future demanding field, field of BS Entrepreneurial Management. The word Entrepreneurial can be referred to the concept, skills, mindset associated with operating Large corpoarations with great flexibility, innovation and responsiveness.
The third speaker ,who is the object of extreme or uncritical devotion, Our Great personality anf Chief Guest Qasim Ali Shah cultivated the thrist of seeking knowledge in us. He said "Stability in success is not based on your knackness to hold success. It also means how much you will enoy your progress." He Also guided us that we have to choose right path for struggling. If we choose profession against our interest then it will simply be a stolidity nothing else. He let us remind the old aphorism "Rome was not built in a day." I also acknowledge that Slow and Steady genuinely wins the race.
The Last Speaker, Dr Ali Sajid, who was the senior speaker. He nurtured us with his experiences of life. He said, If you want to achieve anything you need to be acquiesce the rule of life. This Rule is "Have patience, Give Respect and have Love." I am Thankful to all Guest speakers for giving us motivation and for giving us their precious time. Most Importantly, I want to say special thanks to Sir Naveed Aslam Malik ( Founder of PCF ) for inviting me in such a remarkable day. I must acknowledge that in this session, I verily spend a most valuable time of my life.
Written By: Sonia Miraj (03124449948)

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