What to bring to a job interview? Here is your checklist

Did you get the call for a job interview? Congratulations! But you haven’t got the job yet. The interview is all about the evaluation of your personality and other skills you put on your resume. Your academic preparation counts and so does your physical and mental preparation.

An applicant has to prove what he wrote on his resume and the interviews are the conducted to showcase your abilities of management, communication, confidence, appearance and presentation. Apart from your professional and formal look, check out the list of essential things which you need to bring to the job interview so that you’re fully prepared and confident to prove yourself.

Resume Copies

You already have applied for the job but the resume is something which represents you. A detailed and well-composed resume is a plus point for the impression you put on your employer. Get your resume printed on a good quality page and keep a few copies extra in your folder so you could present a copy of resume to each person you’re interviewing with. Just don’t get lose your track and keep your updated resume copies with you.

A Pen

Keeping a pen might look unnecessary but it is absolutely and entirely necessary and effective. Keeping your own pen in your pocket shows how prepared you are. The interest which you need to show in an interview and the job is portrayed well by having your own pen.

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A Notepad

If you have managed to bring a pen, then why not a notepad? Having your own notepad and a pen will make you look well prepared and interested. The hiring manager might get impressed by your preparation and you stand out in his mind out of hundreds of applicants. Write down the info discussed during the interview like names, phone numbers and addresses etc.


You got a pen and a notepad? Great! Right down the questions you need to ask. Questioning would not only portray you as more interactive and communicate but you’ll get the information you lacked. Do not ask the questions like “how much are you paying for this job?” until the interviewer brings it under discussion.


This might not be very much necessary but you should have your reference list ready. Think of at least three professional people of your industry who could be your references and are available on your call. Print out the list and give one copy to each of the interviewer.

Contact and Directions to Job Location

The interviews are mostly in the places you had not visited before. Use google map and get it saved on your phone for later use. Keep the contact number of the receptionist or general inquiry section of the company so that you may not lose your way. Reaching late on a job interview is equal to ruining your impression because time management and punctuality are the fundamental requirements of almost all of the jobs.

Folder/ Briefcase

You’re no more a backpack lad. Upgrade yourself and get a briefcase and if you can’t afford one with your current financial situation, do purchase a nice presentable and professional looking folder for your documents. The briefcase will make you look more professional and composed, and you won’t forget anything described above in the article.

You’re ready for an interview now. Just get good sleep a night before the interview so you look more fresh and active during the interview. Dress decently because dressing in success matters a lot, and reach in time with all the essential things. 


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