Job Interview; learn best Dressing tips & techniques.

The job interview is the most important part of your career as this few minutes interview determines whether you’re going to get the job or not. You might have heard the famous sayings like “first impression is the last impression” and “dress for success” which reveal the truth of professional life. A clean, bright and formal dress makes you look more professional and dedicated to your work. Wearing informal dress like casual check shirts, jeans and t-shirts etc will throw your negative image over the interviewer and you might not be considered for the job because of your informal dressing.

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Here are the tips for a presentable dressing for your job interview.

Choosing a shirt

A good choice of shirt is the fundamental step towards a presentable dressing for a job interview. Do wear light and bright colors like white or blue. Avoid wearing dull and dark colors like black and dark green. The shirt must not be too loose or too tight. Avoid wearing half-sleeved shirts.  

Choosing Pants

Dress pants are the best choice of pants while you’re going for a job interview because you appear more formal and sophisticated wearing formal pants. If you’re planning to wear jeans on your interview, you better do not go for the interview because jeans will ruin your image.

Choosing shoes

Do NOT wear casual or jogging shoes for your job interview. The choice of shoes is very crucial while you’re going for a job interview. Do wear nicely polished leather shoes for your interview and put an irresistible impression on the interviewer. Avoid wearing colors like red or pink because these colors do not give a positive look.


Most of the people make mistake while choosing an appropriate belt. Do not wear casual belt with graphics or other images on the belt. Your belt should be neat and clean single-color leather belt. Avoid a belt with buckles like a pistol or some other items like this.

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Do wear a tie

Interviews in Pakistan usually do not require ties to be fastened but this requirement varies place to place and company to company. It is recommended that you should wear a tie regardless of its requirement because it will give you a more professional, disciplined and serious look. Wear single color tie of contrasting color of your shirt. Do not tie it loosely.

Wrist Watch

You might think that the time has changed and there is no need of a wrist watch if you have a cell phone. Guess what? You’re absolutely wrong! Wearing a wrist watch not only gives a professional and decent look but also it gives a glimpse of your seriousness to your interviewer. It wrist watch shows that you do not grab your phone out of your pocket every half an hour and you’re more focused on your job than your phone. Avoid wearing a graphic-watch having images on it. Wear a clean leather or metallic watch.  

Haircut and Shave

Get a nice haircut a day before the interview and you are required to shave your beard cleanly and properly. Get your neckline sharp and clean and beard trimmed if you have a beard.  

Take a shower and use deodorant

Having a complete and decent dressing but smelling bad will ruin your image. Take a shower before the interview and apply soothing perfume or cologne so that you smell good to your interviewer.


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