Career Counseling for ICS Students in Pakistan

Once done with matriculation, students are unable to make a decision regarding their intermediate education. If the students are interested about computers and its technology, then ICS is the program that shall be opted at intermediate level. It is one of the best available programs that offers not only current but future prospects too as technology has revolutionized the world in which we live. ICS also gives an overview of software development and programming languages as it is one of the multi-faceted education programs in the country. ICS offers a range of future prospects that are of great significance as far as recognition, respect, knowledge and income levels are concerned.

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Sciences, however, it is offered in two different options. The students can opt it with either ICS Physics or ICS Statistics as an option of Physics and Statistics are available among elective subjects. It is a two years’ program like all other intermediate programs but it is majorly associated with Computer Sciences education. There are 4 compulsory subjects and three elective subjects offered in ICS. Elective subjects include Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Economics. Whereas, compulsories are English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and Computer Sciences. ICS is also available in three different combinations including Physics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences; Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences; lastly, Statistics, Economics and Computer Sciences. ICS is offered by various colleges of private and public sector, however, the admissions are done based on the merit of each institute which is different from one another.

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As far as future after ICS is concerned, it is highly bright and diverse. Computer Sciences field have multiple options including software development, software engineering, website development, app development, programming specialist and many other. Various specialized and generalized programs are also offered by diverse group of universities. It is more importantly decision of oneself that in which particular program one aims to enter. Each one of the program is associated with computer sciences but what are one’s interests will determine the future of an individual. Whether one wants to develop or engineer a software depends on the aptitude and interest of the student.

In addition to that, students also have other options to pursue, if any of the candidates doesn’t want to opt a computer sciences degree at higher education level, there are multiple other options too. Various professional degrees including business, journalism, science subjects particularly physics, mathematics or statistics, law and many other programs are available as per the eligibility criterion of varsities. However, whether one has to go for a computer sciences degree or any other professional degree, it depends upon the individual decision of the candidate. In a society which we live, this decision is handed over to the elders who make decisions for their youngsters.

Nevertheless, the time has arrived when youngsters have to decide on their own. It is now the need of the hour to be in charge of one’s own life. As famously said by Steve Jobs that why spend your life living someone else’s dream. Therefore, students need to make a choice on their own depending upon their interests and passions to pursue. Educational system in the country gives an equal opportunity to everyone that even after completing a particular academic program, one can be as unique as becoming a photographer. But one shall opt a program in which he/she feels motivated and passionate. The chances of progression, comfort, ease, enjoyment and excellence is more as compared to a set profession recommended by someone else. Students of latter category can also become successful and many of them really are accomplished but in order to live a life full of enjoyment, one needs to pursue the passion of life.

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