Career Counseling for ICom Students in Pakistan

I. Com can be understood as intermediate in commerce and it is one the best option for the students of arts subjects. However, it can be a decent option for those science students of matriculation that are unable to secure good marks in matriculation exam. I. Com is a highly worthwhile professional program as it teaches the basic knowledge of commerce and business related subjects. There is a large number of students that are interested in the field of business and commerce, therefore, they must go for choosing this degree. Mostly, students are unaware of their interests because the culture of such nature isn’t existent in the society at large. Students, who are securing well and doesn’t find any mental pressure or anxiety during studying calculation related courses can opt for I. Com as their intermediate program of study.

It also helps in developing strong foundations for business students. I. Com includes the basic understanding for multiple subjects including banking, finance, commerce, economics, accounting, business mathematics, business statistics and computer sciences. The variety and combination of these subjects helps in broadening the vision of students with developing a greater understanding of philosophical concepts. This stage helps a lot as basic principles are being taught at this level which further helps in taking best decision for the future. The decision after intermediate more or less determines the professional career of students, thus, it is an important career and vision developing stage.

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The most important decision which students have to take after completing I. Com is the selection of an appropriate educational program in any of the leading university. A question arises in the minds of students which had its existence couple of years back while they were getting themselves enrolled in I. Com. That very question is Why as to why are students getting admitted in this program or if not this program then what program should they opt. While making a higher education degree choice, students need to take a wise move that what their actual interest is but let us first take a look at possible options after I. Com.

Students can opt for multiple programs including professional degrees of mass communication, business management, law, architecture and many other. But this is more related with the interest and passion of oneself. Commerce education gives an idea of accounting, statistics, business and general courses which are helpful in future higher education degrees with opportunity of getting admission into multiple degrees. Hence, a student has a vast opportunity to choose from numerous professional degrees as mentioned above. Talking of the careers, all the above mentioned professional degrees have decent enough professional careers. However, one needs career counseling for selection of degree.

Career counseling shall help the students in selecting a program which matches with the interests of themselves so that they can progress and prosper more. In comparison to all other programs, the ones in which students are interested; they have higher chances of progression as compared to ones preferred on the basis of friends and family pressures. Another vital point that appears in our society is that students don’t really know that what their real interest or passion is. This purpose is also served by career counselors as they help students in knowing themselves. Few of the career counselors and professionals have started giving trainings and workshops on knowing yourself. An easy and convenient assessment of the interests and passion can be obtained from the fact that one feels no tension, anxiety, ambiguity and distress while working for long hours. Moreover, financial interests are given away over work excellence. In order to know more detailed information regarding programs and career counseling, for further information, keep visiting our website.

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