Career Counseling for FSc Students in Pakistan

During the early studies of a child, most importance is given to sciences subjects as arts subjects are not given their due importance. Any other option or choice of studying at matriculation level is totally unacceptable which helps in becoming the first founding ground of selecting F. Sc. As almost 90% of the students’ study sciences subjects, therefore, one of the pre-requisites of F. Sc. studies is completed. However, the selection of computer or biology as an elective subject in 9th and 10th classes can lead towards getting an admission into any of the medical or engineering colleges in future. The students are numerous times told about the difficult road that one has to pass through during two years of F. Sc., either Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering, however, no one tells them the pattern or method of passing those two years successfully. Similar to Pre-Engineering, seven subjects are studied at F. Sc. Pre-Medical with six being studied in one year and Islamic studies to be replaced with Pakistan Studies in 12th class.

After ten constant years of highly competitive study and appearing in two board exams one after the other in 9th and 10th class, one student is eligible for studying at a college. The study which is being conducted at college level is known as intermediate and is a two years’ program. The speculations regarding the future and professional careers of the children are made since their birth. In societies like Pakistan, parents are the sole owners of deciding the future careers of their children, however, these choices are also influenced by the performance of their children at primary and secondary level. The inner potentials and desires of the students are often neglected due to the family choices and preferences. Nevertheless, due to an evolving environment in the country, many parents now consider what their children desires. Even after such odds, the most highly desired intermediate program by students and their parents are F. Sc. Pre-Medical and F. Sc. Pre-Engineering.

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Career Counseling for FSc Students in Pakistan
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However, the trend which is often ignored by F. Sc. students is that they can even opt any professional degree other than engineering or medical if they are not interested in pursuing those degrees. A student studies multiple courses during his/her two years of F. Sc. which makes them able in studying other professional degrees too. Students who are enrolled in F. Sc. have a background of sciences subjects, hence, they are in a position to study humanities subjects too. Moreover, it is a decision which shall be taken by students rather than any other family members or friends.

Students need to think of their own interests first and then they need to select which program fits them the best. It is not often the case that an F. Sc. student will go for either engineering or medical degree because they have that qualification. More importantly, students have vast opportunities in front of them including business, mass communication, sciences, law, and architecture degrees. Even those students who are unable to secure an admission into MBBS or Engineering degree can opt for various fields of medical and engineering. Medical has various inter-related fields including microbiologist, molecular genetics, biotechnologist, bioinformatics, environmentalist, biologist etc.

Lastly, students shall select a program which is consistent with their passion and interest. Most of the times students are not well aware of their interests, a short analysis shall be done by individuals themselves. The profession in which they enjoy working without feeling any fatigue and stay motivated for longer period of time is one profession in which they shall pursue their educational careers. This will help them in bridging the gap between actual and desired ultimately facilitating the passion of oneself. For further advise on career counseling, please visit our website.

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