Career Counseling for FA Students in Pakistan

Intermediate is one the most important education level in the country. It is a situation in which for the first time students have the right to make their own choices. The decisions of such nature are mostly taken by parents in our culture, however, the educational upbringing has caused certain changes in its ecosystem. Few of the parents are active listeners and encourage their children to opt for a future study of their own choice. One of the most neglected programs at intermediate level is F.A. The full form of F.A is known as Faculty of Arts, however, it is still highly popularized program.

F.A is considered as lowest commodity among the students as the usual perception regarding the program is students who pass out matriculation at a struggling level are the ones who get interested in admitting themselves in it. Even when a student puts up his choice of selecting F.A as his/her intermediate education, a lot of reluctant attitude is shown by the segments of our society. This is also a primary reason of students not being able to explain their decision of choosing F.A as their choice. However, the importance of program is often ignored by many as it can result in making one an artist, lawyer, psychiatrist, journalist, politician, musician, historian, mathematician, philosopher, government officer and even a business professional.

Career Counseling for FA Students in Pakistan
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The above mentioned facts prove the fact that F.A. isn’t such a bad educational program and it can still help the individuals in landing towards a successful professional career. Students who opt this program are well aware of the fact that there are numerous optional subjects in F.A. as compared to any other intermediate program. Hence, this program gives the flexibility which no other program has, such as, one can study any language, with either economics, statistics, mathematics, history, civics, physical education, home economics etc. More importantly, if one studies mathematics, the student of F.A. and one enrolled in F. Sc. studies same syllabi and pass the same exam which means there is no difference of quality or educational standard.

Future options after F.A. are probably more than any other intermediate program. Multiple programs that can opted after F.A. are BBA, B. Com, BS Fine Arts, LLB, BS Mass Communication / Journalism / Media Studies, BS Architecture, BS Textile / Interior Design, BS History and sometimes even a language which is studies at intermediate level. Many of the individuals don’t know that one has such a diverse range of opportunities for the pass outs of F.A. The general notion associated with F.A. is not of good repute and it is often felt that one can only go for a B.A degree or struggling professional career if one opts F.A in the intermediate education. However, the decision during intermediate and while selecting an higher education institute, one shall look towards interests rather than societal pressures.

At inter level, an individual is young an immature but at university level, one has an understanding of various fields along with necessary skills to get know how of unrelated fields. Therefore, career counseling becomes of high importance for these students. Counseling helps these students to not only gain information but also make a wise decision in selecting an appropriate professional career. Moreover, one is also facilitated in identifying one’s interests and desires as usually the culture isn’t very supportive in pursuing one’s own interests. Nevertheless, there is a gradual improvement in this situation. Hence, we advise students to go for a profession that excites them, pleases them and motivates them to work like no one other has ever done before. This is the level which motivates oneself and completes the journey of passing from one level to the other.

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