Career Counseling for becoming Medical Professional

Students who are interested in joining the medical profession needs to understand firstly, there are numerous career options within the field of medical other than becoming a doctor. There are millions of students passing the matriculation exam and hundreds of thousands of students aiming towards becoming a doctor but still only 50% of the candidates are successful in becoming doctors. The others can opt for a variety of other medical related professions and can also change their career aspirations. However, in order to become a medical professional, there are certain steps and educational points which needs to be completed and fulfilled in a prescribed manner rather than adopting a hap hazard approach. Let us first walk through that journey and then discuss various medical options as well.

Firstly, individuals need to study biology as optional subject in 9th and 10th class which is known as matriculation exam in the country. Once matric exam is completed and passed out successfully, the next aim of a student is to search an appropriate medical college. An appropriate medical college is an important term because mostly leading medical colleges have such a high merit which is quite hard to meet by some of the decent enough students. Only the high scoring students are able to secure a admission in such colleges, hence, one has to choose an appropriate medical college. Nevertheless, after the selection of a medical college; one aims to complete two years of F. Sc. Pre-Medical education. Following the same pattern of matric, an exam is conducted at the end of every year.

Once intermediate level is completed, then the next big step comes in the lives of many students. This is due to multiple reasons as students tend to go towards the study of their own choice or now they know themselves so they choose a program in which they are interested. Lastly, students who are unable to secure good enough marks change their desires related to career, whereas, quite often students tend to change their life perspective which causes changes. As discussed earlier, even if one is unable to secure a successful MBBS admission, there are still other thriving medical related fields, such as, allied health sciences, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural sciences and other science related subjects are also available.

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In order to become a successful medical practitioner, one has to have certain characteristics that medical professionals have. The career may seem attractive from the outer world but it is highly competitive, demanding and service oriented. With the increase in health issues and rise of private sector, there is a fierce competition between one hospital to the other. It is as demanding as a doctor can be called upon at 2:00 AM in the midnight if an emergency comes. In response to that, there is not a no in this field with always yes and making possibilities out of diverse situations. More importantly service orientation is highly critical as doctor or any other medical practitioner has to deal with hundreds of patients daily, therefore, high levels of service is pivotal.

Some of the western countries have also associated the concept of servant leadership with medical profession. It is often observed that higher is the level of service, more are the chances of patients coming in to that very hospital. Research has also supported the fact that in most of the cases, a hope from a doctor can also cause a gradual increase in the recovery of patients. As far as options are concerned, becoming a dentist is another very popular option these days. Dentistry education is abbreviated as BDS and it has preferable more relaxation in the admission criteria as compared to an MBBS admission. To an unbelievable extent, there are 84 different higher education programs which are available for students with medical education background.

Nevertheless, there are certain skills which are mandatory for medical professionals, such as, working under pressure, ability to work for long hours, problem solving attitude, decision making ability, communication skills, sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate. The above skills can help an individual in becoming a good medical professional. Lastly, the journey for a medical professional can be as mentioned above, however, the selection of an appropriate medical degree is one’s own decision. For further information, keep on visiting our website.

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