Career Counseling for becoming Media Professional

One of the most fascinating careers to choose is becoming a media professional. It is often known as journalism, mass communication or media studies. All of these educational programs are 90% same. The most convenience that these students have is that they can choose any educational journey for landing into media profession, however, in university, they have to study a full fledge media studies degree. As far as matric and inter levels are concerned, students can either opt for an art or sciences subjects as it doesn’t really matter but once intermediate is completed, then a specialized program has to be selected. Being a large country in terms of population, there are millions of students out of which thousands of them aspire to become a media professional.

In the case of other professions, one has to have a proper educational background starting from matric to inter and ending in university but the case is different for media professionals. It is due to the fact that students study various subjects related to media, such as, production, direction, post-production etc. These all are technical subjects which require on the job training and more similar to what is taught in labs rather than first teaching a basic level and moving on to advanced levels. Hence, the program structure is of such type that it provides a great flexibility for the students. Due to a large influx of students interested in this profession, most of the universities in Pakistan now offer mass communication program including public and private sector institutes.

Once a student has completed intermediate level successfully, he/she then has to select an appropriate academic degree and this degree decides the future of that very individual. This decision is often taken based on recommendations, approvals and pressures of society, however, it is one of the most important decisions that one has to take on their own. A career is determined by the degree which one pursues, hence, this decision is of utmost importance for making a call on the future lives of these students. After a call is being made that one has to pursue a media related degree then one has to select an appropriate university. The selection of university is also dependent on numerous factors, such as, its academic quality, ranking, infrastructure, faculty, facilities and repute.

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Nevertheless, most of the experts, academicians and career counselors recommend that students shall focus on what their interest really is. All the students shall go for a degree or career in which they feel engaged and interested. Without any interest in a particular degree, it becomes more of an obligatory duty as done in schools that one has to pick up books and attend school with waiting it to end. Hence, there is a need to advocate the fact that students shall keep themselves focused to their interests only. But another question arises regarding this interest, from where can students find their interest because most of the students are unaware of this fact. There is a large number of students that come from public schools, therefore, they need to first discover themselves because there is no such thing as career counseling.

Students aspiring to become a media professional, also need to keep this fact in mind that media has multiple inter-related fields, such as, working in front of the camera and working on the other side. One can turn on to become an anchor, journalist or a presenter but on the other side one can become producer, director and adopt numerous other available roles. One thing which needs to keep in mind is that these professionals work in multi-dimensions, such as, they work around the clock and work in 2-3 different roles at the same time. For instance, an anchor is not only in front of the camera but also works as a script writer and content researcher of his own program on many occasions.

It may seem to be a very attractive career as these people also tend to become famous in comparison to any other profession but they have numerous challenges as well. Individuals have to cope up to these challenges and come up as victorious out of such situations which helps them in becoming successful in their careers. Most of the students lack counseling regarding their professional lives but we aim to bridge this gap by educating all students at large. For more information related to career, keep exploring our website for keeping yourself updated.

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