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Students who are interested in becoming lawyers aim to join the law profession. The profession of law is multi-disciplinary as there are various branches of law, therefore, there is a culture of specialized lawyers in the country. In past two or three decades, law education has been mainstreamed with the efforts of certain regulatory bodies and stakeholders related to it. Law education is often termed as legal education and it is similar to an MBBS degree in which students study for five years. Law program is available in various variants from one institute to the other and now there are multiple private and public sector educational institutes offering law programs.

From the results and facts of last data, there are thousands of students that aspire to become lawyers and join this profession. However, in order to become a successful law professional, there are certain steps and educational points which needs to be completed and fulfilled in a prescribed manner rather than adopting a hap hazard approach. Let us first walk through that journey and then discuss various fields within law. Firstly, students need not to worry as much as in other professions regarding subjects’ selection in matriculation and intermediate level. Law education involves more technical subjects which are taught in a full-fledge manner during the course of 5-year degree in comparison to some of the science subjects that are built from initial to advanced level.

As far as matric and inter levels are concerned, students can either opt for an art or sciences subjects as it doesn’t really matter but once intermediate is completed, then a specialized program has to be selected. For pursing a particular career, one has to have a proper educational background starting from matric to inter and ending in university but the scenario is different for law professionals. The program structure of law degree is of such type that it provides a great flexibility for the students. Due to a large influx of students interested in this profession, most of the universities in Pakistan now offer law degree including public and private sector institutes. However, there is a large number of recognized law colleges in the country as well.

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Once intermediate level is completed, students have to make a big decision in their educational lives. It is due to the fact that professional careers of students will now be developed based on the selected education program. As discussed earlier, even if one is interested in law but unable to make a choice of his specialty, there are multiple sub-fields within law from which either one or more can be pursued for a professional career. Law students can tend to become tax lawyers, family lawyers, property lawyers, criminal lawyers, civil related cases lawyers, Islamic lawyers and many others etc.

In order to become a successful lawyer and join the profession, one has to have certain characteristics that generally good lawyers have. The career may seem attractive from the outer world but it is highly competitive, demanding and service oriented. With the increase in law and order issues and rise of the judiciary drive in Pakistan, there is a fierce competition between one another. It is as demanding as a lawyer can be dealing with multiple cases at a single time and has to give equal attention to all his clients. In some instances, executive orders need to be obtained from a senior judge at midnight if an emergency comes. In response to that, there is not a no in this field with always yes and making possibilities out of diverse situations. More importantly service orientation is highly critical as a lawyer has to deal with numerous clients and each having a different understanding and hailing from different background.

In addition to that, there are certain skills which are mandatory for law professionals, such as, oral communication, argumentative debating skills, written communication, client/customer service, analytical and logical reasoning, legal research, technological updates, knowledge of previous and updated law and legal procedure and lastly, time management. Compliance of the above mentioned skills and characteristics can surely help an individual in becoming a decent enough law professional. The initial journey for a law student isn’t much of a difference or poses any difficulty but from university level on wards, it is highly professional and competitive. In order to keep yourself updated with all the latest news related to education, keep visiting our website.

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