Career Counseling for becoming Engineering Professional

Engineering is a designated and well established profession in our country. The two programs which are studied by majority of the students is Engineering and Medical. As far as engineering profession is concerned, it has multiple fields within itself. Students who acquire an intermediate degree in engineering have a diverse range of options to choose from. Due to large population of the country, there are millions of students enrolled in various educational institutes across the country. Out of those students, hundreds and thousands of students want to become an engineer. More importantly, there is certain stereotyping in the society too as all female students are motivated to become a doctor, whereas, majority of the males are encouraged towards becoming an engineer.

While studying engineering at intermediate level, it is to be noted that this isn’t also a sole decision made by choice. More or less students land in a profession by chance rather than by choice. Peer and family pressures is the decision making authority and if not then the largest influential or at least advising partner. Upon the completion of intermediate level, students have to think about selecting an appropriate higher education degree program. But this takes them to a point where they had started their journey two years back. When someone takes a decision, one needs to select what are the interests and passion of oneself. The astonishing fact is that students don’t really know about their interests and desires.

Keeping all the things aside, let us first discuss the pathway for becoming a successful engineer. Students shall first study matric with science subjects then moving onto intermediate level, F. Sc. Pre-Engineering shall be selected. For next two years, physics, chemistry and mathematics are studied. Subjects are similar to what have been studied in matric but this is an advanced level in comparison of that. Once intermediate has been completed, the next big thing in front of students is the selection of an appropriate Bachelor program. There are still multiple opportunities for the students as engineering has vast sub-divisions. After acquiring an intermediate degree in engineering, one can become civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, computer engineer etc.

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The decision regarding the degree selection has to be based on one’s own interests but these interests are subjugated to others. Students are most of the times unable to know their own interests and that is the main reason of landing in a mismatched profession. Now let us inspect that how can one identify his/her interests so that one can choose a career that matches with their profession. If one has a keen interest in studying one particular subject which takes them out of time and space is the actual passion. Moreover, one is not focusing on the financial gains rather they are interested in excelling in that particular profession. These days, universities are also very active in career counseling or career planning seminars.

These seminars and activities of such nature are very helpful for the students in making them believe that what could be their interests and desires. In addition to that, if one is more of a technical person and aim to be behind the scenes are the ones who could become engineers. Although, interests within engineering can be multiple as well including electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical and many more. This decision shall be taken purely on one’s own passion and interests. In order to inquire and to know about these interests one has to go through the same process. If someone feels that they can prosper in one particular related fields of engineering, they shall must go for that rather than any other educational program. One can select any other field in contrary to the interests of himself and lead a successful life but one cannot achieve excellence or feel comfortable within his life.

As far as the skills are concerned, engineers need to be technically sound, meet deadlines, possess good communication, ability to work in teams and should be creative at the same time. If one possesses those qualities with having interest in engineering can go on to study engineering degree. An individual can become an engineering professional by following a set pattern as mentioned above after completing matriculation, intermediate and then higher education degree. Nevertheless, the information related to admissions and career counseling can be further explored from our website.

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