Career Counseling

The variety in the fields of education and career provides opportunity to students to follow their desired career. The latest subjects and fields although are not completely understandable for students. The vague perception about the subjects either confuses the students or makes them commit for the wrong subject. Career Counseling is to advise the students about selecting an appropriate career for their life. The counseling involves the deep understanding of the strengths, capabilities and interests of the students.

The Understanding of Subject

The students who complete their matriculation and intermediate enter into a stage of dilemma of which subject to opt for the future. Student’s decision is mostly influenced by naïve and immature opinions of fellows, relatives, parents and teachers. The students are not provided with complete exposure of subjects so that they can be clear about their choice. Career counseling is a professional advice by educationists who are aware and have wide understanding of the newly introduced subjects and the old ones. For the deeper understanding of subjects, the students are enlightened with subject matter, its significance in present times and the scope of subject. For this purpose several seminars and workshops are launched by career counseling organizations

The Understanding of student’s capabilities

The career counseling is not only narrowed to the understanding of subjects but also the understanding of personal capabilities of students. Each student is different from the other, with unique set of strengths and limits. To suggest a student about a career it is must to understand the approach of a student towards the particular subjects. it is must for students to be compatible with their subject of choice. The vast understanding of student’s qualities helps the counselor to suggest appropriated subjects to the students.

The Motivation

Career Counseling works as a source of motivation to the students. The motivational lectures revise students desire to pursue studies and to work for the betterments of one’s life and play a productive role for the family and beloved state. The students mostly get disappointed because of failure or less marks in one or two subjects. they other reasons for the lack of motivation is no interest in the prescribed subjects. when students get awareness about the  subjects that suits their capabilities it provides them with new hope for better future. The motivational lectures helps the students to deter with difficult challenges and failures. Motivation plays very crucial role to keep the youth on the right track.

The motivational lectures include the life stories and struggles of famous personalities. The motivational words have deep impact of the mindsets of students. Every student finds the life of successful personalities they can somehow relate with. The importance of going on in life and not giving up on dreams inspires students to stay firm on their passion and career they have opted for the life.

The career counseling lectures also include the techniques to get awareness of personal self and self awareness. It helps students to analyze their own self. In this way they can sharpen their strengths and get to know about their limitations. The career counseling educates the students how they can stretch their limitations towards their strengths.

Career Counseling is very important for the students to keep them informed, aware and motivated. The youth is future of a nation they need a direction to get to the point where they can play an influential and productive role in nation building.