• Category: Novel
  • Topic: human struggle
  • Subject: Adventure fiction
  • Writer: Paulo Coelho
  • Language: Portuguese


Farzeen Amin
Reviewed By : Farzeen Amin
The Alchemist is written by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Ceolho has first gained fame with the huge success of this Book. He is a Brazilian author. The Alchemist was first written in Portuguese language but it became an international bestseller and translated in 70 other Languages in 2016.The Book is about Journey of a young Andalusian shepherd. the young boy starts the quest to find the greatest treasure present in the world. the story covers the physical, emotional and spiritual transition of the young shepherd during his journey.
The young Shepherd named Santiago had a dream of finding a treasure and he sets off on a long tiring yet adventurous journey. A gypsy women that told him that there are treasures in the pyramids to Egypt so he started to travelling towards Eqypt. Santiago had taken is sheep along with him but he meets an old king in the beginning of the journey who advises him to sell the sheep and continue his travel. this old man introduce him with the idea of personal legend. He convinced Santiago that every person works to achieve their personal Legend. So now finding the treasure was a personal legend for him.
Towards accomplishing his personal legend Santiago meets an english man who has in search of Alchemist. Together both of them continued the journey. while traveling through Sahara desert Santiago came across a very beautiful and charming girl named Fatima. he instantly fell in love with her and decided to get married with her. Fatima asked him to find the treasure first and only then she will marry him. He started his journey again but he learned that it was not true love because true love would have never stopped him from achieving the personal legend.
The Journey takes several twists and turns and they come across many crazy adventures. At last Santiago meets Alchemist who taught him the biggest lesson of life that how we want to achieve the treasure of personal legend but not the personal legend itself. this lesson had changed his life and the way he had been perceiving the life.
Alchemist is very exiting and interesting book. i recommend all to read the book as it is very inspiring and motivating.

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