You Can Not See What I Can

I see that last star on the sky,
After a while the heaven will swallow it too
Like many others.
Moon will faint in the bright day light.
It will be there but beyond your eyes,
Even then i would be able to find that Star,
I shall see the Moon.
Because I have glasses that eclipse the Sun.
I, the admirer of heavenly bodies,
Am the only one who will be out of heaven.
Because I can see what you can not
The rains make me wet more than you,
The winds blow my hair a little more,
The sunshine burns my skin and blackens,
I have stamps of love below my eyes.
The Devil is my close friend whom i recognize
My enemy, makes me more sceptic.
Those feet behind me notify my madness
You can not see what I can.

Naila Gulzar

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