Why Private Students Fail?

In Pakistan, we see most of the students criticizing educational institutes in general and educational system specifically. The word which is frequently associated is craming. Acadmies are built to meet the requirements of this educational system and simultaneously to extract money from parents. 
Regular Students Have Less Syllabus 
When it comes to universities then its obvious that for regular students they have built comprehensive short syllabus which they cover smester wise. So, it becomes very easy for them to earn a degree by just attending university and learn nothing. They get marks on the basis of mere attendance and sometimes contacts. 
Private students Are Step-children Of University 
Private students are like step-children. The same syllabus from which regular learners cram two to three topics in their mid and the same goes in smester exam, have to be eaten as a whole meal by poor private students. For instance a student doing Master's in English Literature will have to read and understand aproximately twenty five books in a year. And after having read all these books he is not pretty sure about the mind set of examiner as well as the checker. 
Is it failure of private degrees?
Not at all! Priavte students are the only ones who are basically asked to learn the skills that every international student builds. These skills are reading, writing and comprehension. No regular student of any x y z university builds these skills without indulging into some extracurricular activities like speeches and debates. But on the other hand private students learn all these skills and then are examined on the basis of the same skills in their exams at university. 
Why Private Students Mostly Fail?
The answer to this question is the same as explained earlier. They are demanded here the skills they have never learnt. In there educational career till masters, neither at schools nor at colleges any of these skill is built in them. The students try to prepare these skills over night or maximum time if I guess would be the time after receiving their roll number slips. Only a few students prepare for their masters exam through out the year. 
The Only Valid Degree Is Private Degree
On the grounds of previous arguments we can say that the only valid degree is private degree because it fulfills the needs of basic learning skills. It inculcates reading, writing, and comprehension skills in students. If they fail to learn these skills, they fail their exams and consequently the degree. 
How To Improve Over-all Education System?
Its very simple. Education is not merely earning a degree to get a government job. Its about your character and your skills. 
"What you learn is far better than what you earn." 
So our educational system should eliminate craming tools and techniques and should promote practicality. The English medium phobia must be eradicated of we really wanna make our students the learners and the future professionals. 

Naila Gulzar

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