Why Enroll in M.Phil

Mater in Philosophy is a post graduate degree. It is the highest degree after the Doctor in Philosophy commonly known as Ph.D. The students rush to take admission in M.Phil programs immediately after completing their graduations. The concept of Masters in Philosophy is mostly misunderstood; it is mostly taken as the continuation of formal education.

The formal higher education is only until graduation. In the developed countries, mostly students only complete their college and join the practical field as they do not see the need of spending money on education which is not required for their desired career. The students start their jobs or join other ventures to fulfill their goals.

In Pakistan it is evidently seen that intelligence of a person is mostly judged through the number of degrees a student holds. The formal higher education is completed in Pakistan with the graduation but what is the need to study M. Phil then? The masters in Philosophy have a different approach which is not conveyed to the students in their class. M. Phil is a subject which not only requires you to focus on studies but to focus on the areas of life you want to research about. Only the students who have keen interest in research should take admission in it.

Pakistan unfortunately does not have good research producing mechanism. The core reason for not having good researches is that we do not have the students with research minded approach in the field. The researches by the institutes and students serve as the medium of innovation and change as they highlight the issues with the explanation of how they emerged, evolved and how can it be improved or resolved if the matter is troublesome. The research mechanism in Pakistan mostly does not suggest any above mentioned aspects of any topics. Students take thesis as a burden on their shoulders; they do not have an insight of the issue they pick issues which are mostly recommended by the teachers or fellow friends.

The projects which are done half heartedly without any proper attention and intention to resolve an issue leads the country into weak and useless research mechanism. The students lack proper career guidance before they take admission in the research related subjects. Pakistan requires students which great caliber and research oriented mindset. The students who are keen to find out the issues and their suggested resolutions are required in the field , their researches can be prove to be helpful for government in policy making and new innovation.

M. Phil is very interesting degree for those students who are keen at research and development. The students must not enroll in M. Phil degree for the sake of piling degree or just for getting a government job. There is a lot of talent in Pakistani students but they lack proper direction. The students must consult career counseling before deciding which career to pick and which degree to go for.

There are several courses offered by public and private universities that can prove to be more beneficial in sharpening your skills for your desired field. Do not jump on conclusion of just attaining a degree. Think in a wider manner and analyze for yourself that which course or program can provide maximum benefit to you.

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