Why do candidates fail in the CSS Exam? This assistance is so helpful!

CSS Exam is one of the toughest or probably the toughest exam a Pakistani can take in Pakistan. It is dream of every aspirant to pass the exam and get a post among bureaucracy. The candidates work hard for the exam but still leave a few loose ends which ultimately result into a failure.

Studying hard and taking pressure of the exam is not easy but the reward which an aspirant get after passing the exam is worth it!

If you fail the exam, don’t worry because you have another chance. If you fail for the second time, then you reach into the situation of “Do or die” because you only had three chances to pass this exam.

Let’s not go that far! There are certain reasons which an aspirant makes and ends up failing the highly competitive exam. Read the reasons and avoid making those mistakes.

Taking it too easy

Well! Most of the aspirants think that exam is not tough and they will pass it without much effort. Here is something you should remember, you’re absolutely wrong! CSS is not a bed of roses and you’ll have to study hard for the preparation of the exam.

You fail one paper, you’ll fail whole exam

Most of the candidates do not realize the fact that all the papers in the exam are of equal importance having equal marks. You need to pass each and every paper in order to pass the exam. There is no supplementary exam unlike you did in your matriculation or intermediate.

Combined Average

If you’re thinking that passing all the papers is enough, come out of that misconception. Just passing all of the papers is not sufficient because you need a combined average of 50% in your exam. Best of luck for that!

English Essay, the Pain in the Rear

One subject which is tougher than all other subjects is none other than English Essay. The contenders usually take the essay easy or not that much serious as it deserves to be taken and the result is obvious, a failure. Watch the video to learn the tricks to write a perfect essay, here.

Relying on Notes and Academies

Most of the candidates think that attending an academy and following the notes provided by it will suffice. Let me tell you one thing! You’ve been misinformed. Academy and notes are not at all bad things but relying on them completely is stupidity. Trust your abilities and increase your area of study.


“Slow and steady wins the race” is the perfect explanation of the students who are bright and still flop in the exam and the reason is their over confidence. An average student with steady preparation can pass the exam but a bright student with over confidence will fail in all of three chances. Be confident and forget your overconfidence. Study hard so you could stand amongst the top ten.

Time Management

As the exams draw near, the students freak in pressure and waste a lot of time studying without concentration. Every wasted minute costs a failure in the exam. Try to manage your time and prepare well without any mental stress.

Read Time Management Tricks and Methods

Interviewing Process

The students who pass the exam usually pass the interview as well but not all of them. Don’t be surprised, the candidates do fail because they do not prepare for the interview as much as they did for the written exam. Take every step in CSS with preparation and intelligence. There are some of the toughest situations and scenarios in the interviews where some of the brightest students get nervous even. Take the interview as serious as you did the written exam, and reached this far.

Don’t take it on your nerves and prepare for the exam with relaxed nerves but with hard work. Avoid being one of those who take it easy and end up nowhere. 

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