Which One Is Right For You? Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes

The scope of online education in Pakistan is growing rapidly. The main reason of this fact is that its low cost as well flexible study choice to the student, as we compare to traditional education system.

Traditional Education

Traditional education system is basically design for the kids, teenagers and youngsters who not come in the working field yet. They have to come attend the class on regular basis and there is an attendance system for their presence record, its make them punctuate, disciplined, make them mentally active and also help in their physical growth.

Online Education

We can say this module is for the professionals who are in field work, they don’t come to class and want to increase their knowledge and professional skills via new learning and methodologies. So they get admission and join the online classes either they are at home or in office it does not matter. After joining and completing of you online classes you are now able to get you degree certificate in which you are involved.

This system also give you the opportunity to balance you busy life between, home, office, friends and family. Classes give you ease for timetable of you own choice, can be changed accordingly. We are not here totally deny the traditional system which is controlling by the teachers who have vast experience in their field but we have to keep in mind, the system is suitable for the professionals.

Now we are going to discuss some facts to better know which system is better,

Common Interaction

Online education system gives you the facility of join the classes online, teachers and students are connected with each other via web portals or online video conference. These method uses techniques as teachers can share there screen with student for the lecture or classes.

If you are student of that mode, who want teacher and student interaction face to face then traditional method is best for you. This method gives you the facility to directly interact with tutor as well as students. This method make the student able for detail discussion and get study and lecture once only.


The individuals who are already involved in working field and also attach with family, online education is best fit to them. System give them opportunity can they can take classes whenever they have free time.

The individuals who have freedom of time slot and they can easily take classes then traditional method is suit to them. We can say that this is the way for the students who are not in working field yet. There is only one big problem which face by such students is that the long distance between their institutes from home.


The programs and courses which are offered in online classes are less expensive as compared to the traditional classes. But, if we see the traditional method its expensive and also its give facility to the students to get interact with teachers and students also they are provided assignment and study material by the campus where they are registered.

Other Facilities

Today, we can see many aspirants gives the priority to the online classes but many of among them not prefer it as of practice. Online class have no campus or institute physical existence where students are interested to practice their education and they do practical education there.

Beside this, traditional method have the campus or institute where students can perform practical education from their syllabus. If its compulsory option from the syllabus then they have to do practical by campus with students and teachers.


Its most common the success of the student is totally depend on commitment. Online educational system is best suit for the students who are well organized, self-motivated, and punctual and know how to complete the tasks on deadlines and how to arrange the meeting.

On the other hands traditional method is for those who require to learn discipline for their work done. Remember without discipline and punctuality there is no way of success and not any degree can be earn either any of method you adopt for learning.


We have mention above all the possible advantages to online and traditional classes. Both methods have their own requirements and challenges. We suggest any student register in any program or degree via online or traditional must fulfill all the requirement by the education.

Students must go through deeply from all points above discipline, flexibility, cost, time, etc. After research student have the freedom of choice by which method he/she enroll himself/herself. Online educational system may be easy for some students but traditional method is for all not any limitations or restricts in this.

Traditional way of method is working from last thousands of years. We are not in favor of shutting down of classes, schools, colleges and educational institutions and prefer to online education. The traditional method have its own worth like teacher and students face to face interaction, attending physical classes and group learning which are overall necessary for any student in the development of mind and learning phase.

Same as we cannot deny the use of information technology which is the main demand of today era and have its own powerful worth. So we strongly recommend and gather at one point then we can merge both forms online and traditional education system, it this can be done then its more actual and communicating learning experience.

In online versus traditional educational there is no competition each method has its worth. Much of these come down in which module student fit to them and can gain more learning and become productive aspirant. These modules can be very helpful, no matter your personal learning style and situation.

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