When social media becomes dangerous?

There are billions of people around the world using social media and a million joins it every day. The increasing trend of social media with all its perks has some flaws and shortcomings which are frequently ignored by its users.
The popular social media site comes with a logo of connecting people also becomes a source of disconnecting people if used addictively by a person, a person indulged in his smart phone or computer often loses connection with the people around them and sometimes becomes completely ignorant to them by doing so he probably connects with the people around the world but he loses the connection with people who really matter in his life.
The social media is becoming more advance and developed by each passing day it introduces new apps and ways every now and then by which an individual gets a chance to reveal more about himself. So now a person does not need to hire a private detective to know about a person, all he needs to have an access to your facebook account to know where you go, what you eat and whom you meet?
Over sharing of personal activities on social media can make you more reachable to the prying eyes of people who might have an ill intention to harm you.
Many people logging on to the popular social media sites having complete confidence and trust on the privacy policy of the site are unaware of the fact that there communication and content can be used for marketing purposes if required moreover it can be reached by a third party with little bit of tries and tricks. So while sharing your personal content on social media one should be aware of the fact that may be not today, may be not tomorrow but there is a clear chance that one day your content will be shared with the people you does not want to see your content.
Other than that frequently changing profile pictures can give scammers an easy chance to create a fake profile of you which can be used for any purpose and there is possibility that you never come to know about your fake profile and what is being done through it.
We all are aware of the fact that with increasing use of social media internet crime is also increasing. Cases of harassment, blackmailing and photo manipulation are increasing day by day and new laws are introduced to contain these crimes.
With all other things social media also has a wonderful ability of making you feel vulnerable. The times when you are already feeling vulnerable social media adds more to your vulnerability by making you feel that everyone is doing a lot better than you or having more fun than you despite being aware of the fact that over ninety five percent of things posted on social media are bragged and exaggerated version of the actual event.
Excessive use of social media can give rise to compulsive behavior in a person and often detaches him from his surroundings moreover social media has become one of popular reason of relationship breakups and broken marriages where year’s old relationships are broken over a dispute of a tag or a like.
Social media is a good mean of connecting with far off friends and relatives but an overuse of it can push you towards many habits which can be destructive for you in your future for example it can distract you from many important things it can develop a habit of demanding for approvals of others regarding things which can be well read and well analyzed by you it make you dependant on the opinion and views of others.
Excess of anything is bad social media becomes useful if used for a limited amount of time every day with a view of checking what should and what should not be shared on social media.

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