When a step forward at work becomes a setback in career

Career of a person should always move in one direction and that is forward direction, one should always move ahead when it comes to career. Sometimes one misunderstands the a successful step ahead at work as successful step ahead towards career while in reality it happens many a times when a step forward at work has actually proven as step back at career.

One of these steps include a promotion, promotion is one of the best thing that happens in a professional life of a person as it comes with a promise of better professional reputation and life style but if a promotion takes you away from the work you love it actually becomes a setback to your career.

Promotion at work place includes changes in responsibility, duties and the way of working, sometimes it takes away from person from that part of his job that he loves the most for example if a person consider attending marketing meetings as the best part of his day will not like the position that does not requires him to be a part of those meetings.

Turning a promotion however is not a good idea but one should always think over and bat an eye before accepting what he is not ready for.

Sometimes the seniors and bosses put on an extra responsibility on your shoulder and you consider that the responsibility is given to you because you are trusted by them but in reality the extra responsibility that is given to you eats up the time you are suppose to be given to the main project you are working on.

What more important is that you finish the work you are hired for by taking full responsibility of it but if you over load yourself and spend your time and energy on the duties that are technically not of yours than you will never be able to finish your project before deadline which will have a negative impact on your professional careers.

One can accept to perform extra tasks at work but one should always give priority to the tasks one which are given to him at first place and for which he is mainly hired for.

Sometimes speaking opportunities at work place gives one high chances growth in his career but if he does not stay careful of what he say then the step which is meant to set his bar high can set it to a low level.

Sometimes one does not get a chance to speak on the areas of interest and expertise rather they are offered to speak in conference in those topics in which they have never spoken in their lives so they should design their speech in a way that it causes them no harm and should give a keen eye to the material he is going to discuss in the conference over and over again.

Changing a to new job is a hard thing but has proven beneficial for many of the people but many a times one shifts to a new job  just because it is offering more money without considering the fact that whether he would be able to perform at that job or not.

Many a times he turns to a new job without batting an eye to the facts that the job is in accordance to his interests or not. In these situations the new job can become a step back as the person would not be able to perform in his full capacity and can be fired from the job because of his lack of interest.

All these things mentioned above can be a step back in career of a person but it does not mean that one should lock the doors of opportunities for him it just means that one should look and wait for the right opportunities and select for themselves carefully and keenly.

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