What to Wear while Presentation

The presentation is not just the representation of your ideas but the complete presentation of your personality as well. The examiner not only judge you for information but how and I what ways you present it. Your dress you wear is very important as well as your shoes and the way you carry yourself.

  1. Wear a formal dress

Formal dress varies from area to area and culture to culture. It does not necessarily means to wear a suit but an appropriate complete dress. In Pakistani settings the formal dress for boys includes dress pants, shirts and tie. The tie can be ignored at certain places but it always gives you a professionallook. For girls they can wear any sober complete dress with no particular code. You should take in consideration that the colors you wear also place an impact on the audiences which include the teachers and mentors. Try to wear neutral colors they make you look serious towards the career.

  1. The shoes

We often underestimate the importance of shoes but they are the most prominent thing you carry along. The formal settings require complete formal dress up and shoes are included in it. If you wear in informal sandals for a presentation it will keep seeking negative attention try to wear formal shoes and boots. For girls the heels look perfect but without any glitter and shine. If you do not know how to walk in heels prefer pumps and shoes on it. Your attire is not complete without proper pair of shoes.

  1. No accessories

You must say No to any prominent accessories. Do not wear prominent bracelets or dazzling bangles for a presentation.Girls can keep wearing ear studs but long ear rings and chains do not go with the formal dress up. Boys should also ignore any unnecessary chain or a bracelet. It is must to remember that the tips are given to you so that you can look more mature and professional.


  1. Wear the Watch

Wearing a decent looking watch will help you not only in giving professional look but also to keep track of the time. You must allocate certain time for the main and sub topic while presenting the idea you can keep track of it with the watch.


The education does not end with what we learn in books but also what it changes within us. A learned person must look different and upgraded than an illiterate one. The dressing, language, life style and every way you adopt are also significant part of Education. Learning how to dress up according to the area, issue and time will not only help you in institutes but more in the practical fields of life. So do not just cram the books but learn everything from any opportunity that comes in your way.



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