What separates a mentally strong person from others?

Life comes with surprises and it’s generally hard for a person to predict what’s coming next but on the other hand what not hard is to prepare one to handle whatever is waiting for one in future. It could be success it could be failure, it could be criticism or appreciation etc and the way he handles his circumstances indicates the level of his mental strength.

Mental strength can be defined as a power to control one’s behaviors, action and emotions. A person may deliberately fall prey to a miserable situation and destruct him by dwelling on it or control his emotions and move on from the particular situation. A person may kill someone under the influence of his anger or control his anger and prevent himself from committing crime.

The activities of a mentally strong person are controlled by him not by his emotions and if the actions of a person are controlled by his emotions it shows that he is a mentally weak person.

Amy Morin who is a respected psychotherapist and a bestselling author has indicated traits that are avoided by mentally strong people and the signs of a mentally weak person. In her that books she writes about thirteen traits that a person should avoid in order being a mentally strong person.

The first thing she discussed is the habit of self pity, a person who is mentally strong would never waste his time in feeling sorry for him. He would consider his problems bigger than the one being handled by others and does not motivates his mind to think that his problems are kept on increasing rather than decreasing.

She further adds that it is a sign of mentally weak person to complain about almost every aspect of his life which also includes the ones which cannot be controlled by him moreover they develop a belief in their minds of considering themselves jinx and surrounded by negative energy they believes that every failure that comes around them is because of a bad luck that is constantly following them.

Except for these a mentally strong person does not hesitate from change In fact he has high level of acceptability towards any kind of change that can improve his life while the anxiety level of a mentally weak person increase when a change knocks his door.

Likewise a person having a strong mind keeps challenging himself and his abilities while the other prefers staying in his comfort zone while the mentally strong person has habit of taking calculated risks for his future the other sticks to his comfort zone and stays passive. He keeps singing his blues and believes everyone else is more blessed than him and keeps making the same mistakes over and over again till he becomes habitual to them.

While a weak person has a vast number of never ending desires the strong focuses on his center of concerns. While the weak wants to please everyone the strong realizes that no matter what pleasing everyone at the same time is almost impossible and most importantly a person with strong mind would never resent others on their successes and accomplishments.

It is always easy to push one towards self-destruction and failures while it’s hard to come out of one’s miseries and start a new chapter of self betterment that is why we have more ratio of people who are imprisoned by their negative emotions and failures and increasing number of suicide because we choose to take an easier way destroy for ourselves of darkness and gloominess rather than staying strong and move towards enlightenment.

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