What makes a great leader?

Many great nations exist today because of their leaders who had struggled hard for them. A leader is someone who is followed by people. Many people look towards him as a hope to come out of their miseries and to have a better way of living like Quaid-e-Azam was hope for us when we were battling with Hindu’s atrocities like Gandhi was hope for Hindus who were deprived of their resources by British like Nelson Mandela who was hope for Blacks when they were traumatized by Whites.

It is usually said that a leader is born not created but there is one quality that is present in all popular leaders one quality that has made them look more charismatic and more observant. A leader has great visionary powers and an ability to see beyond present. They see the world with broader spectrum and analyze a problem with flexibility like Allama Iqbal has seen, like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan has seen and struggled to find a solution for it.

This quality of seeing beyond present and having a flexible approach towards circumstances even if present at the time of birth needs to get polished and it is get polished by education if we look at the history closely we will see that all those leaders who are famous for their political efforts in world had a great educational background.

Quaide-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan himself had a remarkable educational background he was a qualified Barrister and gotten a degree of Bar at law from London. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan thought got his education by old patterns but he taught by the great teachers of his time that is why knowing the importance of education he built several educational institutions for Muslims like Aligarh Muslim University from where great leaders like Liaquat Ali Khan has acquired his education Liquate Ali Khan was later went to Oxford University’s extreme college on a scholarship awarded by British government for higher studies.

Likewise if we look educational background of international leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte who was a great military leader has acquired his education from France's College d'Autun and then went to Military College of Brienne for higher education. Nelson Mandela on the other hand was a qualified lawyer and has got his education from University of Forte Hare and University of Witwatersrand.

Unfortunately Pakistan along with many other crises also going through leadership crisis as our leaders are not qualified enough to understand our problems the last qualified leader we had was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who gifted our nation with atomic power and ensured safety of our homeland his daughter Benazir Bhutto was also a woman with great educational background but she couldn’t had a chance to serve the country for long term.

That is why it is very important that the youth of our nation pay attention on their studies and focus on getting quality education so that we can find leaders from our youth who can represent our country on international level and also has a vision to understand our problems.

If we want leaders like Jinnah then we have to create them by following footsteps of Jinnah by studying visions of Iqbal and generosity of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

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