What is Ragging and How to Tackle it?

Ragging is a cruel way of welcoming the juniors who just passed their 12th standard and know nothing about the university life. Almost all the universities has banned it inside their campuses but rules are meant to be broken and students do not care for the rules. 
Just expect that you won’t face any situation in your university life but be prepared at the same time for something bad coming to your way. 
Here are a few things you should know about ragging
Know the Difference between Ragging and Interaction 
Icebreaking conversation us necessary in order to start a good relation with your seniors. Try to recognize the situation whether it is icebreaking conversation or your personal space and a particular boundary is not being crossed. If it happens, then you might be in a trouble. 
Healthy Way for the Introduction between Juniors and Seniors 
A welcome party or fresher party may relax the situation and the newcomers in their interaction with the seniors. Institutes are directly involved in such parties so you probably get some space to make yourself comfortable. 
Is Ragging Only Way for Icebreaking? 
Ragging is very common in the institutions and some institutes have failed to control it. It is believed that ragging is usually personal bearings of a senior because he himself faced this kind of situation when he was a fresher. It is not really necessary because in releasing the frustration a senior had faced, a fresher may lose his self-esteem.  
Is It More Common in Engineering Universities? 
It is believed that ragging is more common in engineering universities and the students who live in hostels are more vulnerable when they shift from their home to hostels. 
It happens in hostels mostly because it is safe place for the one who want to release their frustration and anger. 
How Can a Student Tackle Ragging?
There are situations when you face ragging. There is no need to be worried about it. Just inform the students helping organizations which are present in every institution. 
There are helplines for students created by the universities, give them a call and report your issue. Don’t take it on your nerves because it can create a sense of dejection inside your mind. Think positive and tackle it bravely. 
How to Be Strong? 
Keep yourself respect at your top priority. If you do not respect yourself and accept whatever happens to you, no one else will respect you either. Do not panic about ragging and face the people bravely without having fear and sense of fragility in your mind. 

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