What is 4 C’s and How does it Affect Diamonds?

What is 4 C’s and How does it Affect Diamonds?


Diamonds are distinguished according to the principle of the four C’s (cut, carat, colour, and clarity). Here, the cut refers to the shape of a diamond. The diamonds are cut into different shapes according to the shape of originally mined rough stone in order to maximise the stone recovery. Some of the examples are given below: Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Pear shape, Oval etc.

Natural coloured diamonds:

Natural coloured diamonds come in all shapes and colours of the rainbow. Yellow is the most common naturally occurring diamond.

Use of diamond:

The diamonds are widely used in jewellery. Females wear diamond rings, necklaces etc. Diamonds are very expensive to buy. It enhances the elegance of a personality. How does diamond shape affect price? Prices of diamonds vary greatly depending upon the shape selected. Fancy shaped diamonds include all diamonds other than round. Choosing a fancy shaped diamond can save you more than 25% versus round diamond of similar size and quality. The following shows the dramatic savings realised when choosing a fancy shape. Prices basically represent the lowest price for diamonds from 1.00 to 1.05 carats with a minimum of very good cut, G colour, VS2 clarity and good polish. The price of diamonds depends on its shape and quality. Diamonds prices have been historically priced on a per carat basis. Diamond prices per carat change based on the parameters such as size, clarity, colour and shape. There is always an increase in the price of diamonds. The prices of diamonds are unpredictable and ridiculous. The price of a diamond ring that you have bought in 2006 was half as compared to the price of the diamond ring which you have purchased in 2016. That is indeed s a massive price difference but people are still buying and selling. The prices of diamonds are more than the price of gold or silver. Women love to wear diamond jewellery. But the diamonds are too expensive than the past. And their prices are increasing day by day as the world is progressing. Diamonds are perhaps the most desired of all gemstones, so there is a rapid increase in prices.

Common diamond buying mistakes:

The number one mistake made when purchasing a diamond is to be misled on cut quality. It is impossible to accurately judge the clarity and colour of diamond once. Do not purchase a diamond over $2,000 without seeing preferably with a magnifier. In this way, you would be able to choose the most appropriate diamond of your choice. To conclude, diamonds are the best gemstones to buy. But before you buy some jewellery, you better surf the internet and make some comparative study of prices for 4 Cs of diamond jewellery. In this way, you can make a smart choice in purchasing the best diamond jewellery of your choice.

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