What About This Year?

By Farzeen Amin

“Time and tide stop for none” the saying is evenly and equally affecting our lives.  On the 31st of December, we anxiously wait for a new year to emerge. We celebrate New Year’s Eve with lights, fireworks, and prayers. The night has its own energy. All of us make one New Year’s resolution even as a joke but what about the year which has passed. What are you going to take from 2018 to 2019 is the concern you must have.

The year 2018 can be tough yet adventurous for all of us at some levels. This year the world witnessed various natural disasters, gun violence incidents, the worst of genocides, the long stretched refugee crisis, the dollar crisis, hybrid wars, and so many other issues. The matter of concern here is more at the personal level that what have you received and lost in 2018. Our gains and losses at individual level inform us about what person is going to enter the New Year.

We all at all levels have been through negativity where we could not save our inner goodness and became the prey of pessimism and negativity. Multiple times in the last year we must have felt hopeless from the life where giving up has seemed to be okay. In this year we have witnessed numerous young lives being washed away through suicides.  So why should we think of all the negative aspects of the past year? The only reason to review negativity is that it shows you the importance of positivity. It is to remind yourself if you have managed to get through all the hurdles of 2018 there is nothing which can stop you in 2019.

Tonight when you watch the fireworks and lights tell yourself that the coming year is going to be amazing. Use your hardships to strengthen you rather than breaking you. What you must take in 2019 is a lesson, which is of courage, bravery, and hopefulness. We all must keep going as stopping our breath will not stop the world, our memories will become blurred with time and life will go on.

Tonight enter the new year with new energy. Use all the negativity from 2018 to make you a better and smarter person as a whole. We must hope to have a better 2019 if we all as individuals enter 2019 as better people. Remember societies are the collection of all human beings all individuals collectively form a society so if everyone focus on personal accountability and personal change thus only we will emerge a stronger collectively.

In 2019 let’s step together and be supportive of each other. Let’s tell each other that we can make it. Let’s tell everyone that you can make things better. Let the competition be healthy rather than destructive. Let’s step into 2019 with tolerance and acceptance for all. Let’s step into 2019 as more human than anyone else. Let’s make a great 2019 together where no one is killed with wrong accusations, where no one gives up on life, where no one is alone in agony, where no one is body shamed, where nobody is bullied and where we all work on ourselves. Let’s enter 2019 as individuals who can bring a collective change.

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