Water, The Symbol of Life

by Farzeen Amin

NASA and other research agencies are looking for life at other planets. Satellites are sent to other planets in our solar system to find clues for life. The planet of Mars is said to have clues of life on it yet no human or living creature is seen on its surface. So how does NASA know there can be life on Mars? They haven’t found a single living being there but they found the foundation for life, water on Mars.  Water is the symbol for life. Water is running out from the surface of earth at an alarming rate. Water which has left Pakistan’s lands thirsty and dry.

The surface of earth comprises 71 percent of water but 96.5 percent of the surface water cannot be used for drinking as it is the salty water of the oceans. The 4.5 percent fresh water comes from the rain and glaciers around the world. The increasing global warming has resulted in increased rate of melting Glaciers. The melting glaciers become part of ocean water, rising sea levels resulting in water crises and drowning of various islands.

We start our day by taking shower to kick it with fresh start. The shower runs water over our heads for several minutes. Throughout the day every house, schools, companies, small and large factories use water for the purposes of washing, drinking, cooking, and industrial work. The loosely fitted tabs keep wasting water drop by drop at mostly houses, our laundry takes away hundreds on gallons of water, and the water used for washing one car is equivalent to 1 week of drinking water for a medium family. We end our day with friendly conversations with families and friends about irresponsible attitude of government towards the issue of water crises.

Pakistan comprises of the largest canal water system to irrigate the farm lands yet our lands are running dry with the thirst of water. The production rate has been fallen very low in pasts 5 to 10 years. Water crisis is not new for Pakistan but concern for water crises is actually a latest trend. Every government gives the agenda to eradicate the water crises when it takes up the government of state but ends up leaving the nation with a false promise. The situation is getting critical with every passing day. Pakistan is blessed with 4 seasons but the hot summer has consumed most of the year. The frequent flooding in Pakistan destroys scores of villages and then gets washed away. The water from floods could have been stored in the dams saving hundreds of lives and fresh water if we had adequate number of dams. With 2 major dams Pakistan has the capability to store water for only 30 days where as our neighbor India can store water for up to 190 days with more than 3000 dams, US can save water for over 900 days with more than 80,000 dams.

IMF has listed Pakistan on 3rd number in countries with water shortage. Pakistan has already become water scarce and it is said that by 2025 Pakistan can face major droughts. The droughts have already hit dessert areas of Thar taking many valuable lives every year. Karachi which is the only metropolitan city of Pakistan is also under major water crises forcing people to buy water at high rates for daily usage. The ground water is also depleting rapidly leaving almost no other source for watering the lands.

Pakistan needs to speed up in every way to resolve this issue at governmental, social and individual level to curb this situation. Our government has taken an initiative to build dam with the help of citizens of Pakistan but it needs to do more as these measures are not even close to resolve this dreadful situation. We as individuals must ensure to take our responsibility and do more than just criticizing governments. Use less water, save water by using one bucket for one work. Teach your children about the importance of water. At social level seminars and awareness campaigns must be arranged for spreading the message to masses. We need to preach about water crisis at every nook and corner of Pakistan to resolve this crisis.

The Planet of Mars might have a lot of water but our homeland Pakistan is not left with a lot of it. Running away from Pakistan is no solution to this problem so take responsibility in your hand before it’s late. Water is the symbol of life and there is no survival without the life. Save water, save life.


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