Want to Learn English! Here are the Smooth Tricks

 By Mehreen AKhtar

English is an international language. Talking in English is the need of the hour. At Commercial, business, social, national, and international level, English is mandatory. English has become a trend now. And it is also part of fashion to talk in English. The person speaking in English with an enchanting accent attracts the attention of listeners. In CV, it is often required to have proficiency in English, communication abilities in this language.

Daily a large no of people get rejection only due to poor communication skills in English even having notifiable certificates and courses. Many people also join training classes to learn English to be proficient in speaking and writing. There they pay a handsome fee to learn the skill that can be practiced at home.

Do you want to learn English?  Here are the tips!

In the beginning, let’s start with the easy tasks.

  1. Read advertisements and banners when you are going anywhere. This will increase your reading ability and pronunciation
  2. Read English books, newspapers and, daily affairs will increase your vocabulary.

Oh getting bored by these activities! so here is the most interesting way to be fluent in English and that is,

Watch Movies

          Don’t be shocked. Actually, English Movies are the best source of increasing English vocabulary and improving fluency in pronunciation. You can repeat the dialogues of the English movies with your friend so that you can build communication confidence inside yourself. In addition, if you have a craze for watching movies, then you can also get benefited from Urdu and Hindi movies. But now, the question is. How?

Urdu or Hindi movies with English subtitles are fruitful for those who want a positive amendment in their English proficiency.

                 Hurrah! Don’t you feel it’s an easy and entertaining method to learn English? Also low cost…

Communication Sessions or Dialogue

        Practice makes perfect is a well-renowned quote based on practical reality. So you can have a session with your friends to talk in English. Set timetable, plan a topic of currents affairs, and have debates with others. In the beginning, you can start from 5 minutes debate and increase it day by day with 2 minutes. Soon you will see you can talk in English without hesitation and with low chances of mistakes within one month without paying a single penny to anyone.

Now, maybe there is a question that restricts your mind to do so. Like,

                                             How I can be sure that what am I speaking in English while talking to my friend is correct?

The answer to this question is here,

Take Help from Google Translator

           Yes, google translator can convert your sentence either in any language to the English language. So put the concept of your sentence in google translator in that language you have a strong grip on. And get the translated sentence in English.

                                                           Now read, speak and repeat...and also impress,

Those who want to reach a professional level of English and use it in marketing have to work a little harder than others.

Use Urdu to English Dictionaries

         Dictionaries have a vast vocabulary, pick a few words daily and use them frequently while talking to others. That will increase the feed material in your mind.

Read English Newspaper  

      Reading a newspaper is like having a ten-course meal at once. Because it covers the news about all major aspects of life, either it is entertainment, sports, education, terrorism, corruption, business and finance, opportunities and jobs, debates and columns, or analysis and alerts. Pick the section you are interested in and start reading in English. Reading daily gives the best impact on general knowledge and aware you of a lot of new English words with their usage in real life.

          Anything that is to be achieved by someone needs time, and a proper way. Opting for these methods can increase your knowledge in different subjects as well as your language proficiency that you will feel within a month.

Start using these easy methods right from today and give your feedback in the comments. Is it useful or not?

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