Vocational Education, a step towards development

The educational system in Pakistan is following the same old patterns with minimal variations which were established in the pre-independence colonial periods. The education introduced to the people of sub-continent was limited and it did not allow growth and the freedom of choice and selection to the students. However, now students have the liberty to choose the subjects and fields for themselves. The process for the selection is much faulty as the students are not provided with proper guidance and career counseling. As the result, the students end up choosing the wrong side of life.  They struggle immensely in educational institutions yet fail to reach anywhere in the practical life.

Here, it is must to discuss the unnecessary race of the degrees.  A student successfully passes matriculation to reach college, after intermediate the university starts. Previously, the graduation was considered as a good qualification however, the trend changed and people started to appear more in masters. Now, the commercialization has made it mandatory to complete M.Phil just to be called educated. The irrational approach has led us to the production of nothing but un-professionalism, poor lecturers and bad researchers. The distracted individuals do not know where they belong yet continue to put more and more burden onto their selves and their families.

The vacuum of jobs in Pakistan has called for the change in approach and fortunately, the vocational education has finally been introduced in Pakistan. Vocational education is the technical or job oriented education which enables a person to create expertise in one particular skill. The horizon of vocational and technical education is quite large in itself it ranges from technicians to experts. The benefit of vocational education is that it helps the students to secure jobs and employment opportunities in young age. It is one reason that vocational education is also known as the job oriented education.

To promote the technical and vocational education the government of Pakistan has started to sponsor various programs under NAVTTC, TVET, and TEVTA etc in the small and big cities all across Pakistan. These trainings may last from 3 days to 3 months. The courses are also offered with a stipend to encourage the students to take these trainings.  The vocational education can help the youth to deal with the curse of unemployment effectively.

The vocational education will also help to balance out the other professional education. It is high time for our society to understand that education and degrees are not show pieces to decorate in the drawing rooms but a highly serious matter of the future of students. The young students must pursue an aim-oriented field be it professional, research or vocational only then Pakistan can produce better people in position in all fields. Let’s be what we want to be my choice rather than by chance. Let’s be rational enough not to force our kids to fall into the wrong field. Let’s stop children from committing sins in the frustration of studies and career. Let’s make an educated, trained and logical platform for each other.  

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