Virtual Education prospects in Pakistan

Virtual Education prospects in Pakistan

Education is reshaped by the term technology as technology is itself is one of the targets of education. To perceive towards technology one must acquire education. Education that we endure online is the virtual education. Learning through online nowadays is found one of the best methods on the secondary and tertiary level of studies. Because though online education you can achieve the goals of learning on the next level.

According to research, it is found that the study that a student equips through observation is memorized with more worth that it acquire through elementary education. Online lessons render for the complete virtual education. Teachers give an online lesson to the students or they videos are made by the teachers to promote the dilemma of the subject lecture to the students on which students are asked to testify their skills through their assignment or homework system. The virtual school teaches through entirely online methods. In such education, the interaction between the teacher and the student is entirely impossible. In such systems, online testing and the exams are also conducted online that requires you to proceed to the next education level.

In the virtual education criteria, some institutes offer completely online curriculum while some refer both workbook and on-line curriculum. Hence, whatever the mode is lesson plans are completed online. So online education has its own cons and pros.

Pros of virtual education:

The system proofs flexible on the moment when the students and the teacher set timings for the class. Well in term of groups it is not to adjust many things at the same time but at least you don’t have to follow a rigid course. Virtual education saves more time especially sent in commuting. It generally takes 4-6 work hours a day in which the smart and the aspiring students can excel in the class at a fast pace.

One of the great pros that are interrogated towards its pros is that it is an affordable way of learning and everyone is able to learn through it. As you have pay only for the course study while other amenities are demolished in such kind of education.

Cons of Virtual University:

Here the student is not able to enjoy social life within the classroom and teachers. His or her eye-sights could be damage through the long usage of machine daily for hours.

You don’t need to participate in the extra curriculum activities. Sometimes the hindrance occurs due to the shortage of electricity in our country.   

Some of the problems that occur in the system of virtual education in Pakistan are discussed below:

Use of the computer system in Pakistan and the nations likewise are less developed. Very few institutions in the under development regions have a computer so very few deliver them a comprehensive education.  

Teachers are not well trained so they need the trained teachers.

Internet access ability is another major problem in Pakistan so for the development of virtual institutes first, they have to come up with the internet cons.

In suburban regions, Internet Service Provider is not up to the mark of providing the internet.

The future of Virtual University in Pakistan is the novel concept. As the Government of Pakistan developed the Virtual University of Pakistan in 2002. The aim of such university is to provide the education with quality throughout the country with an online stream at the affordable cost. In which the uniform educational environment will be given at the affordable rates without differentiating small towns and large cities.

Even the response was very positive when the survey was conducted to determine the effectiveness of Virtual University education in Pakistan. This survey was done with the Pakistani students whose opinions were to signify the necessity to keep pace with the field of information technology.



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