Use your travelling photos to earn Money

Use your travelling photos to earn Money

We all know that we can see the world by just viewing different photos of different places in the world. Therefore, photography is the main tool to earn money online. If you think that your photos are worthless of your trip then you are wrong. As blogger James Wheeler recently told PetaPixel community that he made $4,000 on just one photo over the last five years.

You know, how he earned it like what’s the secret behind it? Stock the photo site.

One of the photos for him is a landscape shot of Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada, which has made $4,000.

“In 2012, I uploaded around 300 of my best photos to five microstock sites. It was a tedious process of keywording, uploading, categorising, and submitting but I was able to get them all uploaded in my spare time within a month,” the photographer wrote. “Some of the sites rejected about half the photos as not being high enough quality but enough got accepted for me to start making about $100 month in sales across the sites.”

It’s all like that the websites and the search engine needs a photo to describe it on the global map and hence articles, news, blogs and many different categories of content need a portrait to speak through vision and no doubt I know that when I write an article what I face in posting it on the site, or the hurdle I face is when I went to post a perfect picture to portrait the dilemma of my article. So there I need to search a lot to for the measurement of my article with the Google’s images.

What I get to know about images on the Google is that when someone sells his or her photo to the site they get the money on the points when someone is searching for the specific term, your picture will specifically move on the higher rank. In this way, your photo will be brought up by the engine when they will be saved or shared by any specific person, letting your photo to the first page. As more people will buy the image will move on the first page for the popular keyword and it will stay there until more sales come in.

If your photo will be more generic they will get more traffic. For example, the images of landscapes, landmarks and the photos people can’t find anywhere else are saved to make few bucks.

So, if you are assuming to start earning the money through you worth capturing photos by DSLR and through good mobile camera then you can sell them on 15 percent revenue on each photo by posting at and sites.


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