Traits of becoming a woman entrepreneur

What you believe becomes your reality. If you believe you are weak you become weak if you believe you are fragile you become fragile. A man possesses all the things he requires within himself but he wastes his time looking around for those things for which he actually needs to explore himself.
What happen with the young women when they need to start their business is that they look for the sources that are without them not within. A person has ability to create his own resources because ideas to create come from within. 
A women who aspires to start a new business for once needs to sit down and formulate a plan comprising of a SWOT analysis which includes figuring out ones strengths, weaknesses , opportunities and threats.
While working on this analysis the women needs to ask her a few questions to get clarity in mind about her future goals. The first thing she needs to ask herself is the reason of starting a business and what she wants to achieve through it. Is she doing it for capitalism or for the reason of promoting a good cause?
The next thing she needs to do is penning down her skills by doing so she will become aware of what services can she provide and what products can she produce. She also needs to know how much income she has to invest and how much income she is willing to risk in the starting of her business.
This process will help her in narrowing down her focus. After which it will become easy for her to plan further on practicalities for which she first needs to question her ability of solving a problem, she has to find what  are the situations on which she can respond promptly and what are the situation on which she needs time to respond. The technique will help her to work proactively which will save her from many future disasters.
 Besides that she needs to stay away from all the negative thoughts and negative energies which hinders  her to start her business she needs to be circulated by people who talks about possibilities rather than the people who underestimates her abilities and explains her how impossible it is for her to establish a business.
Most importantly she needs to stay focus and loyal towards herself and avoid making excuses like I failed because I could not generate resources or I cannot start because I don’t have enough people to work for me or what is the point of pursuing any business when I am not paid equally than a man dealing in a same business. Excuses are the easiest way out and making excuses is a trait of a weak person who could not rely on himself and also not capable of taking responsibility of anything.
Instead of making excuses she should work strategy of fixing error and solving problems because it is easier to give up but success is always followed by hardships, one may has to a number of hard phases, he might has to walk on some difficult and rough patches before finally reaching his destiny.
There are a number of woman who started from a scratch and made a big name for themselves. Maria B a world famous Pakistani designer has started her business from a small stitching unit in Lahore. Nabila who is the big name in beauty business of Pakistan and a winner of numerous awards had realized at the age of 21 that she should convert her hobby into business and in order to do so she had to sell a diamond set given to her on her wedding to get her vocational training. These women had courage to trust in themselves and their skills so they created their own paths generated their own resources to reach where they are today.

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